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  Winfree's Trip to the  
  2006 ECSCA National Specialty  
  Sacramento, CA  
  May 6-13, 2006  

The Arrival    

Eleven crates being unloaded

Si is wondering where his luggage is!!! 
    Taylor and Dyane are waiting for the shuttle.

And we're all exercising the dogs!!!


Arriving at the hotel, we unload--

and unload

and unload








   and unload.


The Hotel:  

               One of three pools  

The Dogs:    

Judge: Ms. Suzanne Dwelly


12-15 Months Dog
15-18 Months Dog
9-12 Months Bitches


Regular Breed Classes
Judge: Ms. Judy Corbett


Bred by Exhibitor Dogs
12-18 Months Dogs
Veteran, 7-9 Years Dogs




Bred by Exhibitor Bitches
Best of Breed Competition



Kim with Winfree's Celtic Dream (Lizzie) and Ch Barrister Magical Muggle in Brace




Junior Showmanship
Handler: Taylor Ross




A Few Candid Shots:
Terry, Magic, and Lisa   Taylor, Dylan, and Kristen   Lisa, Magic, and Terry

  Raoul, Tracey, and Mindy   Kristen and Dylan  

The Banquet:


Linda, Raoul, Dyane, Taylor, Mindy, and Tracey ready to eat!


Lisa and Si


The Family Album:  

Cruiser (center) and his sons Dylan (L) and Jack (R).




L-R: Dylan and Cruiser.




L-R: Nicole and Penny--sisters forever


The Food:    

Of course, we had to try some of the local food.  Our most favorite place to eat was a restaurant called The Elephant Bar.  Located across the street from the hotel, we found ourselves there more than once, not only because we could walk there, but the food was incredibly good, especially the Potato Skins and the Jungle Colada!!




Exotic plants and a sculptured elephant
help to create a "Rain Forest" decor.


More Candid Shots:    

Taylor in sunny California




Taylor and Autumn


Kim and her angel, Lizzie


Kim and Dylan






Mindy and a rainbow of cockers


Raoul, Melanie, and Tracey

The Departure


Sacramento International Airport
  Sierra Nevada Mountains

Snow-capped Wasatch Mountain Range
as seen from the Salt Lake City, Utah Airport


Wasatch Mountains from the air--Goodbye!!!



The Gang
We'll be back next year!!!!



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