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** "Baby Alex".. Rally Obedience Weekend **
October 22 & 23, 2011

Rich took Alex to Merrimac DTC in Hampton, VA for AKC Rally. Under Judge Maryann Mullen, Alex earned two extra RN legs ... both with perfect scores (100's) and both First Places of 17 dogs.  Proud father Charlie Arthur came along to cheer on son Alex.  Of six AKC rally scores, Alex has earned five 100's. 



** Alex Anthony Qs four times **
Breakaway Action Dogs (BAD) - APDT Rally Obedience
October 15 & 16, 2011

Alex qualified four times in Level 1 under Judges Russ Hornfisher and Sara Jacobs.



** Alex earns another Novice Jumpers leg **
October 9, 2011  -  Williamsport DTC

In Williamsport, PA, under Judge Shane McConnell, Alex earned an additional JWW agility leg and a First Place.



** Alex Qs 4 times **
September 10-11, 2011

At a recent Pup N' Iron APDT rally trial, Alex Qd and placed four times in the Level 1 class.  Judges were Peg Munves and Laurie Williams.



** Alex earns Q in Santa Maria, CA agility trial **
August 6, 2011

Under Judge Mark Upshaw, Alex qualified in Novice class .. 1st place and 21 seconds under course time.



** Alex Qs - Eureka, CA agility trial **
July 23, 2011

Alex and Rich participated in the Lost Coast Kennel Club's trial near Eureka, CA.  Alex earned a clean run and 2nd place in Saturday's Novice Standard class under Judge Debbie Wheeler.



** Alex earns Novice Jumpers (NAJ) Agility title **
June 18-19, 2011  -  Fredericksburg, VA

Under judges Barb Diaz and  C. Lieu, Alex earned his 3rd leg and Novice Jumpers with Weaves title (NAJ).  He also earned two more Standard Novice (NA) legs w/1st and 2nd places at the Mattaponi KC agility trial.



** Alex qualifies 4Xs in APDT Rally Obedience trial **
APDT Rally Weekend  -  June 11 & 12, 2011

Under judges Joan Klingman and Stephanie Cepakic, Alex qualified 4 times in Level 1.  He also placed 4th.



** Alex earns extra Rally Novice leg **
June 10, 2011  -  Wilmington KC

Under Judge Rose Doan Alex earned another AKC Rally Novice leg and also a 4th Place of 19 dogs.



** Alex double QQs (agility) and first 2 Jumpers legs **
Talbot Kennel Club  -  June 3 & 4, 2011

At the Talbot KC agility trial in Salisbury, MD under judges Denise Van Housen and Barbara Bounds, Alex  earned his first Novice level double Q.  He also earned his second Novice Jumpers leg, all with scores of 100.



** Alex earns 3 Standard Qs and New NA Novice Agility title **
Fredericksburg, VA  -  Capital City Cocker Club
May 28-30, 2011

Under judges Howard Etzel and Sam Banks, Alex earned 3 Novice Standard legs in a row and a new NA title, all with scores of 100.



** Alex earns a score of 100 at Rally Obedience Trial **
Hampton, VA  -  Langley Kennel Club
May 27, 2011

Alex earned his 4th Rally Novice (RN) leg today and a perfect score of 100!!!!  This is Alex's third score of 100 in four trials.  He also placed first of 22 dogs at the Hampton, VA Memorial Day Cluster.



** Alex earns two FIRST EVER Agility legs **
May 11-12, 2011  -  Hershey, PA

At the Colonial Rottweiler Club agility trial Alex earned his FIRST 2 Novice Standard legs and two First Places under judges Laura English and Jean Munger. 



** " Baby " Alex earns RN Rally Obedience Title **
April 30-May 1, 2011

Alex earned his 2nd & 3rd Rally Novice ( RN ) legs with two perfect 100 scores. At the Hampton Obedience Training Club in Hampton, Virginia trial, he also earned a 1st and 3rd Place and Highest Scoring Sporting Dog in Trial under Judge Mary Ann Muellen.



** Alex earns first AKC Rally Novice (RN) leg **
April 25, 2011  -  Timonium, MD

Under Judge Kathy McCoubrey, Alex earned his first Rally Obedience Novice (RN) leg. The trial was sponsored by the Catoctin Kennel Club.



April 23-24, 2011

"Baby" Alex Anthony was entered 4 times in Level 1 and earned TWO PERFECT 210 scores, plus a 209 and 206, as well as 2 FIRST PLACES of 14 dogs under judges Stephanie Capkovic, Sara Jacobs and Rhea McCaffrey.  The trial was held at the All Dog Adventures facility in Richmond, VA.

Alex also earned a new title--RL1X, indicating he has qualified 10xs in Level 1. 



** Alex Anthony qualifies 4Xs .. EARNS TWO PERFECT ( 210 ) SCORES   **
March 26, 27,  2011
APDT Rally Obedience

Under judges Pat Munves and Linda Sperco, Alex qualified 4 times in the Level 1B class on Saturday and Sunday.  On Saturday, he earned two perfect (210) scores in a row placing 2nd and 3rd of 25 dogs.  This trial was held at Breakaway Action Dogs in Frederick, MD.



** First time in the Rally Obedience ring **
November 26-28, 2010
Fredericksburg, VA

Ten-month old Alex participated in his first Rally Obedience trial.  The four APDT trials were held at the Pup'N Iron facilities and judged by Pat Munves and Laurie Williams.  Alex qualified all four times and received three perfect scores of 210, and a 209 with four First Places to earn his Rally Level Puppy (RLP) title.


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