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Winfree's Howard Be Thy Name   "Howie"
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Howie is now home.  We did get stuck in quite a bit of traffic and didn't make it home until about 4:30.  Matt absolutely loves him.  We took him down to the lake and took some pictures (see below).
Howie has many fans here.  Everyone thinks he is just beautiful!!!  He is in his crate taking a much needed nap right now.  I just want to Thank You; we could not have asked for a more wonderful pet.  He is just great.  You should have seen him running around the house; he was so cute.  We are just so in love with him.  We will keep you updated.

                                             Sonya Sterbutzel



  July 2007

Hi Lisa!!

So great to hear from you.  Howie is absolutely wonderful.  I will send you a picture soon.  He is the best dog ever.  He is transitioning into the role of a big brother.  Matt and I had a baby in May and Howie is absolutely wonderful with him.  I have to say everywhere we go, Howie gets compliments from everyone about what a beautiful dog he is.  His groomer loves him, in fact, last time we went to pick him up, the groomer/owner had Howie in her office with her own two dogs because she just loves him so much!!!  We can't thank you enough for such a great dog.  I hope all is well and  I will send some pictures  soon.  Talk with you soon--



Here are some pictures of Howie taken in June 2006.
Sonya and Matt tell me that he is a great and happy dog!!!



Click here to see Howie's puppy pictures.


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