Ch. Soho Where There's Smoke
(Ch. Timara Doolin Dalton' Cara-Lee x Ch. Soho Happy Hour)

  My mother and Lynn Clark owned "Jason", our orange roan male.  He was whelped on December 18, 1984.  He finished his championship in November 1987.  Jason sired a few litters, but his nicest litter was out of Karen Whitefield's bitch, Whitefield's Ambrosia.  This was a litter of eight, five dogs and three bitches.  I'm unsure how many puppies finished out of this litter.

Jason was also the sire of our Winfree's Electri-cute.  "Sparkle" lacked a few singles and one major from finishing her championship.  It is through Sparkle that we brought this part of our line back into our current dog's pedigree.

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