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 Winfree's Purple Haze "Jupiter"
 Ch. Telltale McMurphy Flyer x Ch. Winfree's Tanzanite


Jupiter lives with the Pereira family in Maryland


  Lisa!  Jupiter and I are now taking an  obedience class that my parents gave us for Christmas! He is so smart and knows all his commands, but down! He's a little crazy, but has learned that he is only supposed to chew on his toys! Jupiter has met many of our family members on Skype. He gets a little confused when the people on the screen call his name, and he makes a really cute face at the screen! :) Last night, I put a blanket sideways over half of his cage, and he pulled into his cage. It had my glasses on top which are now ruined, but other than that he has been fairly well behaved! He loves the walks I've been taking him on after school! They usually last an hour, and he gets to play with his lady ecs friend who lives up the street!!! Her name is Ruby, and when we get close to her house, Jupiter starts to pull really hard!! Thanks for breeding these beautiful dogs!!!!!!!!

Veronica Pereira (in the purple shirt)


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