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Barnaby & Kermit
January 2012


Evelyn, Ted, and Kermit. May 29, 2009. Kermit is 5 today.


            Evelyn and Kermit - December 2006


  Hi Lisa!!  Here are some pictures of Kermit taken a couple of months ago.  As you know, he turned one in May (May 29, 2004), but he's still a bit of a puppy.  We couldn't be any more attached to him.  He's even found his way into our bed at night, something I swore would never happen.  He's figured us out!!!  I think he's pretty happy with his life.  He has a group of friends he plays with every morning in the park, and they’ve taught him to become something of a retriever.  He's also the most social dog in the group.

Kirk Fabel and Ellen Moran
Bethesda, MD



Kermit continues to do very well, stopping traffic, and attracting all kinds of attention.  I feel bad for people with other dogs because all the attention remains on Kermit.

His kindergarten class is also going well--he has "Stay" and "Come" down pretty well and we're now working on "Down."

Thanks for letting Kermit come to live with us.  He is a real joy.

Kirk Fabel and Ellen Moran
Bethesda, MD




Kermit doing some light reading!!!! (2004)


It's the Great Pumpkin, Kermit!!!!!  (2004)


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