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Winfree's Name that Tune   "Mollie"
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Jack, Susan, and Mollie
April 3, 2006




Mollie says there's no better place to be in the summer months in Arizona than in a pool....


  Here I go around the pool, ...

  around the pool, ...


OK, time for a break.  Having fun is so exhausting.

  And now a little relaxing and posing for the camera while I drip dry...


Mollie loves the pool.  She jumps in and loves to chase the bubbles.  When we swim together, she wants to be real close, and if I fall behind, she turns around and waits for me!!!  She's such a graceful swimmer.  After her swim, she runs around and gets all dirty!  She loves attention and visitors!  Mollie is a lot of fun.  Lisa, you do a great job in providing us with such great companions! 

                                                                 June 2006







This is Mollie protecting us from our annual spring visitors.  The ducks come each year and raise their young in our backyard and pool.  Mollie was so cute; she growled and barked at them when they got near.  Not sure how she will take to the water, doesn't seem to like her bath, yet, but loves the hair dryer!  She is growing so fast!  Later, Jack




Hi, April 24th was Mollie's first puppy socialization class.  She was the favorite both of the other dogs and owners.  All the other dogs wanted her attention.  You can see the trainer had to hold her a couple of times to give her some rest.  He kept saying how nice of dog she is.  I think she became her favorite right when we entered the door!  Anyway, we're learning to sit. Having fun with her; she gets so excited to be around others!


                       Jack Condon


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