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Winfree's Pirate Treasure  "Keira" (formerly "Pearl")
(BIS Ch. Ashbrook Cruise Control, WD x Winfree's Tuson's Finer Things)

Dear Lisa,
Just wanted to bring you up to date on little Pearl's life in Virginia Beach.  She has been a very busy young lady trying to teach Berkley and her Mom how to cater to her every desire. 

Below is a picture of her hard at work doing the laundry!!!  We are having a great time together--there is never a dull moment. 


Marie Reardon
Virginia Beach, VA


Note:  Sadly Mrs. Reardon passed away in 2009.  Keira now lives with Mrs. Reardon's daughter, Jennifer Witkowski, in McLean, VA.  See below for a recent picture of Keira (formerly Pearl) with Berkley.



Fabric softener makes the laundry so much softer!!  Ahhhhhhh!!!!


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