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Winfree's OffKilter  "ROADIE"
(Ch. Amawalk Dunelm's Clansman x Ch. Ashbrook Famous Footsteps)


All but one of the pictures were taken late 2006.

Hi Lisa,
How are you?  My husband and I got Roadie from you in June 2004.  Roadie will be 4 years old on Sept. 30th!!!  We have given him the BEST home possible!  We love him and he loves us.  We treat him like a baby; however, he acts like a baby.  Ha!  Chas and I live in Virginia Beach now, but we will be moving to Lexington, KY soon, before the end of the year.  My family is in Louisville, so it will be nice to be close to them.  Anyway, I wanted to send you some pictures of Roadie and maybe you can put them on your website.

Enjoy and thanks for the best dog ever!!!  Roadie has brought a lot of joy to our lives and we feel we have done the same for him.

                                                                                       Take care,
                                                                                       Whitney "Smith" Jordan


Roadie lives with his mom, Whitney Smith, in Richmond, VA.

Here's a note I received from Whitney right after Christmas 2004--

  Lisa, Just wanted to check in and say hello.  Roadie is great!  He's so adorable and lovable!!!!!  We love him so much.  He stays right by us and follows us everywhere.  I took him home with me to Louisville, KY for Christmas and he was a perfect angel.  He is the best car traveler; he loves it.  We had a nine-hour drive and Roadie did so well.  My family loves him. Thanks for letting Roadie come to live with us.       Whitney  

Click here to see Roadie's puppy pics


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