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Winfree's Santa Paws "Rudie"
Ch. Telltale McMurphy Flyer  x Ch. Winfree's Puppet on a String


February 28, 2007 - Rudie and his new family--Kathy Jaremski (left) and Linda Smith.  They all live in Newport News, VA.



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Pictures added October 2011

Just a little bit further......   ...a little bit further!!!  I know there are crumbs in here!!!!!

The family back from the groomers!!



  Dear Lisa,

Rudi has been nothing but a delight.  It seems he just gets more loving each day.  Don't worry, he his still a curious cocker.  He always seems to find something to get into.  He seems to enjoy chewing on Kathy's erasers and drawing pencils.  I have included a couple of pictures.  I was having too much fun watching Rudi and our Golden chase each other around in the snow to get any pictures.  I hope to get some before it all melts.  I'll send some to you when I get more.

Have a great New Year!

Linda and Kathy






October 2008

Hi Lisa,

Kathy and I just wanted to send you an update on Rudie and let you know he is doing very well.  He is everybody's buddy.  If he were a human, I would think of him like Norm on "Cheers".  Whenever he goes to Playcare, all the dogs surround him as soon as he comes in the door.  I can almost hear them calling out "Hey, Rudie's here!"  He is always ready to play with anyone.

                                                   Linda and Kathy



A day in the life of Rudie!!!!


Here I am with my big sister, Calie, waiting to start the day.


Mail?  What mail???






Here I am in my new muscle shirt and playing ball with Calie!!!  Don't you just love my shirt?



We play hard so we have to re-charge!!



One of the things I love to do is make new friends.


After a hard day of playing, eating, getting the mail (oops!), and meeting new people, it's time for another nap.


I hope you have enjoyed following me around.  Come back and visit again!!!



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