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Sherman with his new owners Jane (l) and Susan of Arlington, VA.

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August 2009

Hi, Lisa. Since Sherman has just turned 2, I thought I'd let you know how he's doing.

He is the most wonderful dog! We couldn't hope for a sweeter boy. He has grown into a happy, affectionate guy who loves games, walks and, of course, food! He goes to day care once a week and is a big favorite there with the staff members, who call him "The Shermanator", because he is so determined to get the other dogs to play with him.

He truly has an endearing personality. Also, he has an odd, but interesting, range of focus. He can walk right by a rabbit and not seem to notice it, but he'll lie on the ground and stare intently at ants scurrying back and forth!!! So, he might not be a traditional hunting dog, but he will come in handy if we ever get termites.
We're so glad to have Sherman! Thanks again for such a great dog.
Jane Touzalin





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