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Winfree's Fly on the Wall "Tucker"


Tucker with his new dad and mom--Chris and Stacey Shane.  They all live in Manhatten Beach, CA.


January 2010

Hi Lisa!

All is great with the Shane family.  We had a wonderful first Christmas with Tyler in Hawaii.  

Tucker is doing fabulous.  He is an amazing older brother and loves Ty to pieces.  He is super protective and is always cuddling with him.  However Tuck doesn't understand the difference between his toys and stuffed animals and Tyler's!  So most of Ty's toys have dog teeth marks on them...won't hurt, right?  Just extra love and we always know how to find Ty's toys during play dates.

Since Tucker turned 2 in December, I think he has mellowed out and losing some of his puppy wildness.  He sure loves to sleep and will go to bed before we do now and doesn't horse around as much with my parent's dogs. They still play, but not like crazy puppies.  Tucker loves his life at the beach and visits his grandparents often in Palm Springs to play in the pool.  He also gets up to San Francisco to visit Penny a few times a year.
I wish you a happy and healthy new year!  Stay warm this cold winter. 






August 2008





April 2008 Update


That is so exciting, wow 7!!  [regarding an upcoming litter]  Tucker needs a friend; not quite yet, but one day.
Tucks is getting so big and he is losing his baby teeth.  Here are a few recent pictures.  We have been bringing him to our house in Palm Springs.  He loves the sun and the pool!  He adores his cousin Sophie (Springer), who is 4 weeks younger than he.  Tough life he leads...
                                     Hope all is well,



Candid shots taken February 2008



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