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Vivian and her new owners Reta and Jan Goldman of Fredricksburg, VA.  They plan on doing therapy work with Vivian.

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August 2008

Hi Lisa!!

Vivian's wonderful friend, Olivia, is helping her prepare to be a PAWS for Reading* dog.  There was even an article in our local paper about Vivian written by Vivian's trainer, Sarah Ferrell.

Vivian is having a wonderful summer, but has decided Yoda isn't playful enough and Clue is too interested in retrieving.  So, she needs a little English Cocker brother!!!

                                                         Best wishes,

*PAWS for Reading is a wonderful program that uses dogs as an incentive for children to read and write.  Dogs that participate in this program are specially trained to be "canine classmates" and have to be especially calm and unobtrusive to settle in as part of the class.

                 Vivian's First Birthday Pics!!!!



August 2008



     Proudly showing off her new "do"!!
Vivian found out that her friend, James, the 2006 Westminster winner, wears a snood to keep his ears clean when eating and Vivian asked for one, too!  


April 2008 Update

Hi Lisa,
Vivian received her first haircut a few weeks ago from my groomer. I have used this wonderful groomer for over 20 years for all three of my English Springers and always been very happy. However, Vivian came back looking too much like an American Cocker!!  So, I have ordered my table, shears and scissors and am signed up for a grooming class.  We are due to begin another obedience class in May.  Otherwise, Vivian is doing very well and we enjoy her more each day.  I think she is very happy being a part of out family, though she does hog the pillows!

                                                                                                    Best wishes,
                                                                                                    Reta and Vivian


Vivian and Clue


Vivian, Yoda, and Jan



February 27, 2008 Update

Hi Lisa,
     Your baby is doing very well and is as wonderful as we thought. Yoda (our 7-year old female Corgi) has really livened up and is acting like her old self!  They are becoming great friends. Vivian has just begun to take notice of Yoda jumping on the couch by the front picture window to bark at squirrels, other dogs, etc. and now Vivian often jumps right up there and looks out of the window also!  My vet thought Vivian was the most perfect ESC she had ever seen.  

     Vivian is already learning the signal for come and the watch signal.  As I am writing this, Jan pointed out that Vivian has taken her "blanket" from the sofa and is dragging it over to the dog bed beside the computer table!  Ever since her first night, I have put down the same fuzzy little throw for her on top of the dog bed or on our bed.  Now she is taking her bedtime routine into her own paws!  She certainly is a smart girl!
     Thanks again.
                                                                                             Best wishes,

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