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Winfree's Frozen Rope  "Yogi"
 Ch. Winfree's All Quacked Up x Ch. Winfree's Puppet on a String


Who's on First???  Yogi, of course!!!!
November 2007




Yogi enjoying the surf -- WAHOO!!!!!
October 2008



November 2007


November 2007


Ed and Marcia DePolo and their children, Carlynne and Adam; all living with Yogi in Springfield, VA



Yogi is growing like a weed - totally adorable.  He loves to take long walks - excells at puppy kindergarten - and is a total joy in our lives.

Thanks for letting Yogi become a part of our family.

                                                             The DePolos


Note:  A 'frozen rope' is a baseball term for a hard line drive hit by a batter.  

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