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Winfree's Who's Pullin My Strings "Baggins"
(Ch. Brasswinds Ego Trip x Ch. Winfree's Puppet on a String)


Winfree's Deuces Wild "Harry"
(Ch. Ashbrook Aristocrat, ECM x Ch. Ashbrook Famous Footsteps)



Baggins (left) and Harry - Summer 2008



December 2009


Baggins   Harry

Baggins and Harry   Harry and Susan


Summer 2008

The following pictures were taken at the doggie pond at Teamworks Dog Training facility in Youngsville, NC.  The pond was built especially for dogs.  It has additives to keep algae, bacteria, and sediment to a minimum.  No worry about fishing hooks and the area is fully fenced.  It has rubber decking for the dogs to climb in and out of the water without slipping or getting muddy.  And for those dock divers, a special doggie dock.  It's a great place for Baggins and Harry to cool off on a hot summer afternoon and you know dogs are welcome. 




And after a full day of playing, it's time to recharge!!!!!

November 23, 2007 - Both Baggins (left) and Harry love their morning walks to the park; lots of great smells and occasional glimpses of members of the deer herd.

Dear Lisa,
Here are some photos of Baggins and Harry taken in October 2006.  Both guys are doing superbly.  Harry and I are taking classes towards his CGC certificate and we've been encouraged to move on to agility training.  He has lots of energy and seems to have the interest and aptitude to enjoy it.  Harry is a little guy, weighing in around 26 lbs., but he doesn't back down at all in tug-of-war with Baggins, who outweighs him by almost 10 lbs.  We were delighted to see that Nicole, Harry's sister, has done so well in the ring.

Hoping that this note finds you and your family well and enjoying the holiday season.

                                                                                 Gary Behrend





Baggins (left) and Harry catching some zzzzzzzzzz's.


             Harry (formerly Wallace) and Baggins




Lisa, We've arrived home with Harry and Baggins; all is well and everyone is getting adjusted to the new realities.  Harry is an eating machine; we think the kibble we gave him here went into his mouth rather than his nose, but it was so fast we're not sure!!!
Harry is such a sweet, gentle little guy.  Slept in his crate all the way home; what a trooper!!  He's investigating the kitchen and the larger crate we set up for him there.  And we're working out the route to the backyard.

Thanks for your kindness and for letting Harry come to live with us and Baggins.  We will keep you updated.

Gary & Susan Behrend
Raleigh, NC
September 2005

Note:  Harry is one of six puppies from Winfree's first duel-sired litter.  His mom is Ch. Ashbrook Famous Footsteps (Fame) and his dad is either Ch. Ashbrook Aristocrat (Adam) or his son, Ch. Ashbrook Lickety Split (Levi), both owned by Tracey Deyette.  We are still waiting for the DNA results from AKC to determine who his father is.  We'll update this page when we know.  Click here to see Harry's earlier pictures along with his litter mates.

Baggins-May 2004




Just thought we would update you on Baggins.  He has become a fabulous friend and beloved member of the Behrend family.  Susan has been taking him to pre-agility training classes recently, and he seems to be learning quickly.  We have also taken him to a dog day care facility on days when we knew we would both be out of the house all day, and he's had a great time rough-housing and swimming in the swimming pool in the back.  He was hesitant initially, but after seeing his friends jump in, he joined in with gusto.  I suspected he would be interested in swimming after he dove into my lily pond in our backyard!!  We take him to the City of Raleigh dog park a few times a week where he can play with other dogs his size.

We've fallen completely in love with this guy and want to add another ECS or two to our family in the coming years.  Please keep us in mind as you hear of or plan other litters.

Gary & Susan Behrend
Raleigh, NC
May 2004


December 2003
Baggins is a real cutie, just so happy and bouncy.  He loves to run and play with the other dogs at the dog park, and he was a star in his puppy class.  He knows lots of words already, and we are looking forward to doing the puppy pre-agility class next.  At home, he is a little hard to keep up with at times; he is so fast!  But, he also knows how to be a "pillow dog" when we all sit together watching TV.  He can watch "Animal Planet" for hours.  He loves squeaky toys and stealing our other dog Lucy's food and greeting people.  A real friendly dog, and not at all shy.  We are very happy with Baggins and with this breed.






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