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(Ch. Boxhill's Blackhawk x Winfree's Tight Fitten Genes)



These are my two favorite pictures of Bailey.  “Sock Keep Away” was always one of his favorite games.  He still plays, but now he often plays with his new friend, Maddie.  He’ll get a stuffed critter or an occasional sock, make sure Maddie sees him, and do his best to get her to chase him.

Puppyhood was a challenge with Bailey, but he has grown up to be such a sweet, friendly, and affectionate, sit-on-our laps dog.  He loves us and we love him.

Since he was in your “Star” litter,
I thought you’d appreciate the sunglasses picture.  Jill, my niece (in the picture) bought the sunglasses for him.  Since she was with me when I first met Bailey and since she helped come up with his name, she feels he is part her dog.  When we go home to visit, she always steals him so he can sleep over at her house.  She even had a few of her senior class pictures taken with him.

Also, I’ve included a Christmas picture with both Bailey and Maddie.


Mary Ann & Joe Fieo


Sock Keep Away






Bailey & Jill

Bailey & Maddie 2002


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