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Winfree's Tight Fittin Genes
(Winfree's Patrick x Winfree's Lucky Charm Lucy)
August 11, 1997 - June 23, 2011

  C.K. was a wonderful addition to Winfree. Though she was from an accidental breeding, C.K. proved to have the 'genes' that we needed in our breeding program today.  C.K. will be 7 years old on August 11th, 2004.  We are pleased to say that she has fulfilled her job her as a brood bitch and is now retired.

C.K.’s last litter is just starting in the ring now. The sire of that litter is Idyll Oxford Maximum MX, AXJ.  The puppy that we kept out of this litter is Winfree’s Lochness Legend.  "Nessy" thrilled us by going Best English Cocker Puppy in the Regular Classes at the 2004 National.  Nessy is co-owned with Si and Linda Moss.

The puppies that C.K. produced have thrilled us from the beginning to the end. In her first litter, sired by Ch. Ashbrook Aristocrat , C.K. produced her very First Champion...... Ch. Winfree’s Too Thou Send.  I think, though, that C.K.’s biggest contribution to the breed has been her ability to produce the wonderful temperament that this breed is so loved for.  Many of C.K.’s puppies can be seen in our Companions section of the web site.

We are so pleased that C.K. is now in retirement, and I’m sure from the pictures that you can see, C.K. is THRILLED too!  Thanks Girl, ...... you helped put us back on the map!

Your Mom......... Lisa



December 2005




C.K. and her new daddy, James Ross


C.K. and Daddy James waiting for Santa!!!


C.K. finds Taylor's (my daughter) Bungie Bird!!!!!
Ahhhhhh, that Engie nose!!!!!

Now I believe this could be a fun toy if I could just
figure out how to get this little birdie outta there!!!
Here little birdie!!!!!  Come on out and play!!!


  "C.K." is Pete's (Winfree's Boxhill Bucaneer) sister from a different breeding (same mistake by the owner of mom and dad); all and all, a very nice girl.  C.K. has 5 points to date.  She had her first litter born here since 1994 on January 27, 2000 (our Millennium litter).  The sire of the litter is Ch. Ashbrook Aristocrat, "Adam".  What a beautiful litter of four--two blue roan males, one blue roan female, and one black and white female.  

C.K.'s Info:
Date of Birth:  August 11, 1997
Date of Death: June 23, 2011
Sire:  Winfree's Patrick
Dam:  Winfree's Lucky Charm Lucy
Points to Date:  5 singles
OFA:  Excellent
Eyes checked annually

Litters out of C.K. sired by:
1.  Ch. Ashbrook Aristocrat, ECM.  See Ch. Winfree's Too Thou Send.
2.  Ch. Boxhill's Blackhawk
3.  BIS Ch. Ashbrook Cruise Control, WD
4.  Ch. McMurphy's Fieldstone Foster ECM, NA, NAJ.  See Winfree's Summertime Blues RN, NA, NAJ.

5.  Idyll Oxford Maxximum, MX, AXJ - Puppies whelped October 3, 2003.  Click here to view them at 5 weeks

Dogs with titles produced by C.K.:
Out of the litter sired by Ch. Ashbrook Aristocrat:  Ch. Winfree's Too Thou Send

Out of the litter sired by Idyll Oxford Maxximum, MX, AXJ:  Ch. Winfree's Lochness Legend
Out of the litter sired by Ch. McMurphy's Fieldstone Foster ECM, NA, NAJ:  Winfree's Summertime Blues RN, NA, NAC, NAJ, NF

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