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U-AG1 Winfree's Best Kept Secret JS-N, OA, OAJ "Bethany"



Bethany and her new family
Diane and Trish Blackwell, Locust Grove, VA

Bethany has a little sister.  See Breezy's page

January 2010

Hi Lisa,
It was a nice surprise to see you in Fredericksburg yesterday. I have been meaning to send you some pictures and updates on our progress. We are working very hard in agility training with 3 different trainers, including private lessons twice a month. We are ready to go! First trial is in Leesburg on Feb 20 and 21. Then there is one in Fredericksburg in March followed by another on Easter weekend.  For Bethany's birthday, the girls both got beautiful Foggy Mountain
turncoats which they wear daily on all those freezing cold mornings when they run the trails in the woods. For Christmas, we took out VIP memberships at Pup N Iron which is a very versatile training center.  As members, all of our classes are included which turns out to be a very good deal, especially with 2 dogs. So, in addition to agility there, we are signed up for Canine Freestyle which starts the first week in Feb. This looks like so much fun! Flyball, Rally, Obedience and other options also available but my plate is quite full right now.  Basically, freestyle is dancing with your dog with no real rules. It should compliment agility training by building our working relationship. I don't plan to compete in this and am trying to draft my husband George as a partner for one of the girls. Ultimately, it might be fun to work up a routine with both dogs at the same time with me.  (That is probably a long way down the road.) Actually, I have taught them to work together a little by playing leap frog. Very cute! They both have also learned to weave through my legs while I walk. They are learning to walk backwards and also walk a little on their hind legs. They are great, eager to learn and very smart students.  We love them so much!

Good Luck with the puppies on the way.









Christmas 2008


Bethany (l) and Breezy


Scooter Girl!!!!
August 2008




The Adventures of Bethany
Summer 2008




















April 2008 Pictures


Hi Grandma Lisa,

Things are going very well here in my new home. I'm learning lots of  
good things like my name, wearing a collar and leash outside, climbing
steps (descending is still a little scary) and sitting on command for a
treat.  I have a big brother to play and snuggle with and I am doing
very well with tinkling outside. Mom and I have a difference of opinion
regarding the best place to poop, but we are working on it. Today, Mom and I went to a grooming show in Fredericksburg where she purchased my Coat King, a trimmer, combs, brushes, de-tangle spray, etc. We also received the grooming video from Kathy Moore, but it was totally blank so we are waiting for another one to arrive. We are sending some pictures with this correspondence so I hope you can get them and use one or more for my little Companion spot on your website. I miss you, but love my new family and home.

                                                                 Love,  Bethany





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