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Breezy (L), Bethany and the Blackwells, Locust Grove, VA


January 2010

Hi Lisa,
It was a nice surprise to see you in Fredericksburg yesterday. I have been meaning to send you some pictures and updates on our progress. We are working very hard in agility training with 3 different trainers, including private lessons  twice a month. We are ready to go! First trial is in Leesburg on Feb 20 and 21. Then there is one in Fredericksburg in March followed by another on Easter weekend.  For Bethany's birthday, the girls both got beautiful Foggy Mountain
turncoats which they wear daily on all those freezing cold mornings when they run the trails in the woods. For Christmas, we took out VIP memberships at Pup N Iron which is a very versatile training center.  As members, all of our classes are included which turns out to be a very good deal, especially with 2 dogs. So, in addition to agility there, we are signed up for Canine Freestyle which starts the first week in Feb. This looks like so much fun! Flyball, Rally, Obedience and other options also available but my plate is quite full right now.  Basically, freestyle is dancing with your dog with no real rules. It should compliment agility training by building our working relationship. I don't plan to compete in this and am trying to draft my husband George as a partner for one of the girls. Ultimately it might be fun to work up a routine with both dogs at the same time with me.  (That is probably a long way down the road.) Actually, I have taught them to work together a little by playing leap frog. Very cute! They both have also learned to weave through my legs while I walk They are learning to walk backwards and also walk a little on their hind legs. They are great, eager to learn and very smart students.  We love them so much!

Good Luck with the puppies on the way.









Christmas 2008


Bethany (l) and Breezy















  Dear Lisa,
I am having a wonderful time in my new home with my new family. It seems
that I have become Breezy or Breeze or Bree for short. Mom decided to go
with "Winfree's Summer Tan and Breezes" for my official AKC name.
Day 1 brought several introductions around the neighborhood, my
introduction to my new doctor, and my first lesson on leash walking.

Day 2 started with a really fun off leash walk in the woods with Mom and
big sis Bethany, or Bett as she is sometimes called. She sure likes to
show off and boss me around at times, but she is also teaching me lots of
good stuff. At noon, we had a fun romp in the park with the min pins that
Mom takes care of. Everybody is so fast and agile and can turn on a
dime. I have some catching up to do! Later, after a restful nap, I had
my first swim lesson, followed by more leash walking practice with the
whole family in the evening. Then we enjoyed a great summer treat- a
little sample of Frosty Paws doggie ice cream!!! Yumm!!  Bett and I sleep
like logs in Mom and Dad's big Cal King bed!

Day 3 repeated some of the same outings (maybe this is a routine?). Swim
practice today started with a nice ride in a kayack with my sister and
then we took turns swimming off the boat and then Mom would lift us back
in. I guess this is the sink or swim method? This was really fun and a
great way to work on my Summer Tan and cool off in the water and enjoy
the Breezes on the lake. My evening leash walk shows that I am getting
the hang of this leash business. I'm tired and ready for bed even though
big sis still has boundless energy. Good night. We will see what
tomorrow brings. Maybe Mom will take some pictures of us. I sure am
happy to be raised as a Virginia southern belle. I didn't really want to
be a California girl anyway. I think this California stuff is a little
over rated, except for our big California King bed which is really cool.

Bye for now!!!!!
                                                                            Love,  Breezy



Pictures of Breezy and Big Sis, Bethany September 2008


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