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"Callahan" & "Darcy"



Phil Barnhardt and Jess Towle and Darcy


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Things are going well. Jess and I are having a baby (human one) in December!  We've been trying to explain to Cal and Darcy that they are  going to have to get used to getting attention after the baby, but I don't think that they really believe us.

Darcy's her normal, bouncy self.  She's such a character and she loves to play pretty much all the time. All the other times she wants to be held and cuddle.  She has a stuffed duck that she carries around and treats like her baby.  She makes sure that it's always safe and in a comfortable place and she likes to show it to you when you come home.

Cal's also doing well and is maturing into a wonderful best friend.  He pretty much understands everything that you tell him (or he can figure it out) and is wonderful about obeying.  He recently had his teeth cleaned and a strange lump (it looked like a toenail sticking out of his neck) removed. The vet had it biopsied and found out that it was a viral papoloma and was non-malignant. She tells us that it might come back but that she would really only have to do another surgery if (like this one) it's in a place where it might get rubbed by his collar. He's had the staples taken out and is doing great.  He's been a little trooper through the whole thing!

                                                                                            Phil and Jess

                                                                                                                   July 2007

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