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Winfree's Scorekeeper on Board NA, AGDC  "Clipper"


December 3-5, 2010 
Clipper competed in his first AKC trial in Lansing, MI

Clipper had a good debut in his first AKC trial, earning qualifying scores in two of his three standard runs and in two of his three JWW runs.  He earned 100 points in three of his runs and 95 in one standard run when he couldn't resist going to an off-course table.  He placed first in each of these runs.


November 5 & 6, 2010
Clipper competed in his first AAC trial

Clipper participated in his first AAC trial which was held in his "home" arena.  He had a great debut, earning qualifying scores in all three of his runs, finishing 1st in Gambles and Snooker and 2nd in Jumpers. 


July 2010

These are Clipper's first two runs in competition.  He earned a qualifying score in each and a First Place.  However, he didn't have much competition.  The dog barking in the background is Sailor who thinks he should always be the one running.  The second video shows that at this point, Clipper has a better start line stay than Sailor.  Enjoy!



Hi Lisa,
I just wanted to give you a quick update on Clipper as he has just started to take part in some club agility activities. 
On Sunday, June 6, 2010, the club was putting on an agility demonstration in a small town that was celebrating its hundredth birthday.  This was Clipper's first opportunity to run a course.  His part of the course was made up of nine obstacles most of them were tunnels and also included the A-frame and the teeter. He did all nine obstacles smoothly on his first attempt without a hitch.  He had two more runs on the same sequence before the day was over and they also went well.  This was a great start, as he was doing this in a strange place, outdoors (we practice indoors) and in front of lots of people.  Then last Saturday we had a fun run at the practice arena and he had three more runs.  Again he performed beautifully, staying on course all the way around.  The first course was fairly simple but the second and third courses were more challenging but he handled them beautifully.  These courses involved all the regular agility equipment and the only part he had difficulty with was the weaves and that is because he had never done them as part of a sequence before and so that is what we are starting to work on in our backyard sessions.  Then this past Tuesday he had his first opportunity to take part in Starters house league (he missed the first one because it was the day after he was neutered).  In his first run he showed that Cha Cha and Cruiser seemed to have produced another good agility dog.  He ran the 14 obstacle course clean and did it in 23 seconds.  The course was approximately 110 yds long and so he was moving at a little better than 4.5 yds per sec the kind of time that Sailor often gets.  At this stage he is jumping with obstacles set at 10", and in competition he will be jumping 16" and so that will make a difference.  However, I am thrilled that he seems to want to speed around the course like his older brother.  It looks like Cruiser and Cha Cha may have produced another winner.
I intend to start competing in CPE events with him in a couple of months.  They allow dogs to start competing at 15 months, and he will be 15 months old tomorrow.  CPE also has three levels that you can start at, and I would start him at the lowest level which is no more difficult than the runs he has already done.  I started Sailor at level 2 because he was two before I entered him in CPE events.

CPE = Canine Performance Events



Clipper lives in Canada with John Platts, his brother, Sailor, and his adopted brother, Echo.




Clipper at 9 weeks



Clipper's Info:
DOB:  March 18, 2009
DOB:  March 18, 2009
Sire: BIS Ch. Ashbrook Cruise Control RN, WD, JH
Dam: Winfree's She's A Keeper

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