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Winfree's Exported Champagne AX, OJP, AXJ, XF, AG.I., AG.N.J., ADC, AGDC, MSDC  "Sailor"
(BIS Ch. Ashbrook Cruise Control RN,WD, JHWinfree's She's a Keeper)



Sailor earns his AX title at the
Blue Ridge Agility Club in Fletcher, NC
January 24, 1010

Sailor came in first in his run with a score of 100 and finishing the 166-yard Standard course in 48.03 seconds, almost 15 seconds under the SCT (Standard Course Time).





<  Sailor earns his OJP title in Lansing MI at the Southern Michigan Weimaraner Club  >
December 19, 2009

Sailor came first in his run with a score of 100 and completed the 132-yard course in 28.06 seconds, well under the 41 seconds allowed.  Sailor had the second fastest time of the 20 dogs in Open JWW (all heights).


<  Sailor becomes the ninth ECS in Canada to earn his ATChC  >
November 8, 2009

Sailor earned his Master Standard title at an AAC trial hosted by his "home" club the Middlesex Agility Club.  He came first in this run and the bonus was that it earned him his Agility Trial Championship of Canada title, joining big brother Echo and seven other English Cockers.



May 2009: Earned first Ex A Standard agility leg in Flint, MI

Updates from John:

Sailor earned his OA AKC Agility title on Friday, April 24, 2009, at the Cleveland Shetland Sheepdog Club trial.  He also came first in his run with a score of 95. (I think he was the only 16" dog to Q.)  On Saturday, he had another good Standard run, his first time in Excellent A, but knocked off the top bar in the triple, something he also did in his FAST class on Friday and, unfortunately, it was part of the send.
On April 27, 2009, Sailor had an awesome run at the ECSCA National Agility Trial in Excellent FAST but I stole the Q.  He had a good run and after finishing the send which involved tire to A-frame to the tunnel under the A-frame, I got out of position as I was backing up to pull him over a jump, which he did, but when I turned around I was right at a jump and with my momentum I couldn't do anything but jump it, which I did, which got us disqualified and cost him his Q.  I was disappointed that I stole the Q from him, but even more disappointed when I realized that his point total would have been 70 for first place and the first place prize of a portable canvas chair.  That was the closest he got to a Q yesterday.  He knocked a bar on the double in his jumpers run and took the wrong end of a tunnel in his standard run (my fault again). 

  John, Sailor, and his brother, Echo, traveled to Florida in January 2009 to participate in a Stuart Mah agility camp.  On their way south, they took the opportunity to enter a 3-day AKC agility trial in Fletcher, NC sponsored by the Blue Ridge Agility Club.  They chose this trial because 1) it was on the way and 2) other English Cocker owners and their dogs were going to be there--Linda Blalock with Summer (Winfree's Summertime Blues RN, OA, AXJ, NAC, NF, Ann Cantrell with Charlie (Faerytails Good Time Charlie CD, RA, NA, NAJ) and Pumpkin (Faerytails Orange Crush RN, NA - sire is Chase, Ch. Winfree's Chasin' the Blues; and Nancy Ben-Dror with Splash and Morgan.  We all had a great time getting to know one another and John and Sailor beat us all!!!
  Sailor got his second leg in Open Standard and got his Open Fast title (by Q'ing in all 6 of his FAST classes to date).  Way to go, Sailor!!!!!

Sailor and Echo - November 2008

November 28, 2008

Attended an AAC trial today and Sailor got his fifth AAC title of the year.  This was Sailor's Advanced Agility Dog of Canada title (AADC).  This means that from now on Sailor is competing in Masters, the highest level in all AAC events, like his big brother.  Masters is equivalent to Excellent in AKC.  We are back at the same trial on Sunday where Sailor has 5 more runs but there are no more AAC titles in range for a month or two.  His next best chance at adding to his collection of titles is the AKC trial in Fletcher N.C. at the end of January.  I think this was Sailor's tenth title, AKC(2), CKC(3), and AAC(5). 
AAC events tend to only use the table in Starters and Advanced Standard and today's title was in Advanced Standard and so the only time he will have to do the table regularly is in AKC and CKC events and in a new event the AAC is adding next year. 
On Sunday, Sailor gets his first chance at Masters Standard and I think he may find it easier than Advanced as the table has always been a challenge.  The course will be a bit trickier but he often does better when challenged, and when I have to be more involved.  I will let you know how we make out but the title today was what I wanted the most out of the weekend.




  As of November 19, 2008, Sailor has the following titles (Canada and the US):  
CKC - AG.I. (Agility Intermediate), AG.N.J. (Agility Novice Jumpers)
AAC - ADC (Agility Dog of Canada) , AGDC (Advanced Games Dog of Canada)
          MSDC (Master Snooker Dog of Canada)

  November 10, 2008 Update from John:  Our club hosted an AAC trial this past weekend and Sailor was awesome.  He earned two new titles, Advanced Games Dog of Canada (meaning he is now competing at the top level in all AAC games) and Master Snooker Dog of Canada, his first of 5 master titles needed to become the sixth ECS in Canada to earn an ATCH (Agility Trial Champion) to win a dog needs three clean runs at the masters level in each of the five events the AAC offers.  By the way, Echo was the fifth ECS to earn an ATCH and the youngest.  Sailor earned the Advanced Game Dog title when he ran clean in a jumpers run.  His yards per second were 4.8, the fastest dog in the class, all heights included, a 22" jumping border collie was second.  His run earned a huge applause from the other handlers watching.  Sailor is a very charismatic dog and people love to watch him (his joy at doing agility and his enthusiasm seems to be contagious.)  His jumpers run was so special I remember every obstacle.  Sailor was an appropriate name for him on the run as I was behind him most of the way and felt like a rudder steering a ship  


News from Canada and John Platts, Sailor's dad--

On Saturday, January 26, 2008, Sailor earned his first CKC (Canadian Kennel Club) title.  He got his third leg in Novice B to earn his Novice Agility Title (AgN).  He came third in this qualifying run after coming first in his two earlier Q runs last summer.  But to redeem himself, he came first on Sunday (January 27) in his first run in the Intermediate class (comparable to AKC Open).  He also earned a Q in one Novice JWW class and so needs one more for his Novice JWW title.  He has more trouble in JWW events as they are so open he races and consequently either knocks a bar or takes a wrong obstacle as I can't always keep up to direct him.  The one consistent thing is that he always has a ball and it is contagious.  I love handling him and the other handlers enjoy watching him.



Sailor entered his first agility trial June 9 & 10, 2007.  It was a CKC (Canadian Kennel Club) trial with Standard and Jump with Weaves courses, much like AKC agility trials.  He ran fast and enthusiastically and managed to get a Q in two of his runs, one in Novice B Standard and one in Novice Jump with Weaves.  In both runs, he scored 100 points, earning no faults and finishing well under the allowed time. 
Sailor was in his second CKC agility trial on June 30 and earned his second Q in Novice B Standard where he ran quick and clean.  He came first with a score of 100 and did the course in 49.8 seconds, well under the 70 seconds allowed.
On the weekend of August 3 & 4, Sailor was in his first AAC (Agility Association of Canada) trial which has similar events to the USDAA.  On Saturday, he was flying high, but at times not quite high enough, because he knocked one bar in each of his three runs.  On Sunday's runs, though still running energetically, he knocked no bars and subsequently earned his first AAC Q in Team Relay where he was partnered with a 4-year old beagle.  The beagle's owner said her dog often had trouble making the course time, but partnered with Sailor they finished 45 seconds under the 104 seconds allowed.
On August 25th Sailor competed in his first CPE (Canine Performance Event) trial.  He had four runs and earned a first in three of them, including a qualifying score in Jumpers and Colors.  He should have earned a Q in Jackpot, too, but I delayed too long in sending him to the table to finish our run.  In these four runs he missed no down contacts and only knocked one bar off.
Each time I run Sailor I appreciate how much potential he has and I am so thankful to Lisa for selecting him for me with agility in mind.  The minor problems he has at this time, knocking the odd bar and missing a down contact sometimes, are because of his speed and enthusiasm both of which surpass anything I could have hoped for.

Thanks, Lisa--  John


  Sept. 12, 2006 - Tonight, Sailor had his 8th and final house league session for the season.  The club where John and Sailor train divided house league this year, with Starters (young dogs and dogs competing at the Starters level) one week and Advanced/Masters dogs the next.  There were 3 young dogs in the Starters groups--Sailor and two others, both 2 months younger than he).  Points are given to the top 3 finishers in each run.  Sailor has improved each week.  By week 6, he came in third in his Gamblers run; in week 7, he came in second in his Snooker run; and tonight, he came in FIRST in his Standard run, 15 seconds ahead of the second-place dog!!!!!  John said that after the dogs ran, they all had champagne to wrap up the season.  How ironic that Winfree's Exported Champagne came through with flying colors!!!!!

For the season, Sailor finished 7th out of the 25 dogs in this group.  He and John never missed a training night and their hard work has paid off.  I am so proud of this team.

Sailor's "brother", Echo, is also having a good season.  He is currently in 3rd place out of the 33 dogs in the Advanced/Masters group and he has one week left in his training season.  Great job, John.  I'm looking forward to next year.

NOTE:  Starters, Advanced and Masters are the three levels that dogs compete at in the Agility Association of Canada (AAC).  At each level, dogs compete in five classes--Standard runs, and the four games: Gamblers, Snooker, Jumpers and Team Relay.  Follow this link to read more about AAC and these class/title descriptions:


John's agility club occasionally puts on demonstrations to raise money for the club and increase interest in agility.  The weekend of August 26, 2006, the club put on such a demonstration at the Straffordville Watermelon Festival.  John decided it was time to show off Sailor's skills.  Their club photographer, Harvey MacKenzie, was there to capture these wonderful pictures of Sailor.  The close up was captured as Sailor was running over to investigate the "man on the ground with the camera"!!! 






Photos published by permission from Harvey MacKenzie


  Sailor, The Puppy Graduate, dreaming of qualifying ribbons like his brother, Echo!!

February 2006

Hi Lisa,
Sailor finished puppy class and I am sending you a  picture of "The Graduate".  We are signed up for Beginners Obedience starting the 15th of March.  He is easy to teach.  On our walks, I can put him in a stay and walk 25 paces, turn around, and he stays until I say, "OK, Come!"  I am also training him to run beside me when I run - he and Echo love this game.  I don't do any agility obstacles with him yet (next summer) but he goes through the tunnel exploring, when it is out.
Echo was in a three-day trial (8 runs) last weekend in London.  He performed very well, probably his best runs to date.  However, because we are at the Advanced level in most classes now, he only got one Q.  In Advanced level, time limits are shorter, courses are more complex and any wandering is faulted.  They are like a challenging crossword puzzle; they take longer, but the satisfaction is greater.  He is entered in a trial in March and two in April. My goal is to get a Q in Starters Gamblers so he has his Games Agility Dog of Canada title and will be at the Advanced level in everything.  I am sending you a picture of Echo with his 8 Qualifying ribbons.
I took Sailor into the trial as well, now that his vaccinations are finished.  He behaved well.  I kept him in his crate and he was quite relaxed - no barking or whining.  He slept most of the time, but his favorite part was when I took him out to walk through the building.  I was pleased with how well he handled this, so I could enjoy the trial without worrying about him.   
I am off to a Level 3 class with Echo this pm.  We have a Fun Run scheduled for next Saturday, so Sailor will get to be a spectator and check out his future training facility.

                                                                                                          John and the Boys!




January 2006



January 2006



January 2006

Hi Lisa,

Echo had three runs on Saturday but was more interested in trying to sniff out woodcocks than doing agility obstacles.  He had one fault free run but was 14 seconds over the allowed time.  Needless to say, no Q's on Saturday.  On Sunday he got back in the groove and earned 2 Q's out of his three runs.  One of these was his third Q in a Standard run (all obstacles and the pause table) which gave him his ADC title (Agility Dog of Canada), now we are in the Advanced level but this title will be tougher to earn - more twists and turns, decoy obstacles and less time to complete (no time at all to hunt for woodcocks or even grass that has been marinated in a horse.)  He missed getting a Q in his Starters Gamblers run on Saturday.  Once he earns a Q in that he will have a Q in all 4 games (snooker, jumpers, team relay and gamblers) which will give him his GDC (Games Dog of Canada). 
I took Sailor but kept him in the car because I didn't want to expose him to other dogs until his shots are complete.  We are scheduled to go to the vet on Wednesday, which will complete his vaccinations.  We have had three weeks of puppy classes and he has learned come, sit, down, stay and is learning to heel.  I am not too concerned about the heeling because in agility I want him to be able to work on either side of me, so I don't want him to automatically always be on my left.  Echo had to unlearn this, a mistake I won't repeat.  I don't intend to compete in obedience just use it to improve my control so if he doesn't automatically heel on my left it isn't a problem.  I have shared this with the instructors so they know my expectations.  I have also tentatively scheduled two levels of obedience instruction (spring and fall) and puppy agility (in the summer). He actually learned come and sit before we ever went to class. He has learned to sit before I put down his food and before getting a treat and before going out the door when we are going for a walk. (This was easy to teach because he just copied Echo).

The two dogs are playing very well together and are both enjoying each other.  As Sailor grows, he is more able to keep up to Echo on our walks (I walk).  They have started to play tag in the backyard.  Echo is starting to let Sailor share his bed (in the daytime) rather than leave when Sailor tries to join him.
Echo is in another trial in three weeks.  We are in Team Relay with Shadow, an ECS from Windsor.  The owner of this dog was the person who told me about the good agility dogs in Sailor's pedigree.  He is also a blue roan.  I'll let you know how he does.

Sailor's First Year Slide Show
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Sailor with his new dad, John Platts.  They left my home in eastern Virginia to Sailor's new home in Ontario, Canada.


Sailor at 8 weeks

DOB: 10/3/05



Click here to view earlier puppy pictures and Sailor's litter mates.


Sad-face Sailor



Sailor is living in Canada with his new dad, John Platts, and brother, Echo (see below).



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