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Winfree's Grand Illusion "Mack"
Ch. Jarde's Illusion x Ch. Winfree's Lochness Legend


Mack with his new buddy & dad, Bill Hale.
Home is Williamsport, PA.



February 2008

Hi Lisa,

  Mack is doing great.  No accidents in the house for at least 2 weeks now.  He's really starting to be a dog with his own personality.  He's warmed up to everyone but he follows me around like my wing man, right now he is lying by my chair while I type.  If I get up and walk to another room he is right behind me.  I'm not sure I've ever seen a dog as loyal as this guy is.  He really like to please and really hates to be "scolded".  He only has to be told firmly once or twice not to do something and that's it for that.  So far, he hasn't been interested in chewing anything in the house except for his toys.  He knows where his toy basket is with all his things and he loves to get all of them out everyday.  He is getting his first grooming on Monday and we'll probably thin him out pretty good since he's not a show dog and it's a lot easier to brush and bath him when his coat is not too thick.  He's an inside dog so I don't think he'll mind.
  I took him to the cabin last week for 4 days and he loved it up there.  I took him for a ride around the yard on the snowmobile and he didn't mind a bit as long as I was holding him.  I guess he trusts me by now and just likes to go where we go.  I think next year I'll build a dog box for on my snowmobile so he can go with us.  I've see dog boxes on motorcycles, so why not a snowmobile.
  I'll get you some pictures Monday or Tuesday after he's cleaned up a little. I wish I could take Harry from you but even though my brother really likes Mack, I don't think he's ready right now for another dog.  I do think if I would've brought him home that would've been it for sure but I didn't so I guess it doesn't matter.
  We got 6 inches of snow today and Mack loves to rip out across the yard in it.  It's quite comical watching him with his short legs try to run in that much snow.  He pretty much ends up all white after flying around it.  Not sure if you get much snow down that way so here's a few pictures from tonight.










Mack making friends with his new dad
on a January day in 2008. 





Click here to see Mack's puppy pics. Mack is formerly David.



Mack and Dad
Mack and his new family.

Here are some other pics of Mack (formerly David) taken in December 2007:


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