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 Ch. Winfree's Friends and Angels "Drea"
 Ch. Blueprint Winfree Party Waggin x Ch. Winfree's Through the Looking Glass





  October 2010 - UKC Show  

Drea got a Gun Dog Group Three, a Gun Dog Group Two, and TWO BEST IN SHOWS!!  The people in the club who show UKC said that should give her her championship, too. I have no idea, but will call to ask.  All in all, it was quite a weekend. Through it all, she was her sweet, loving self, kept her tail wagging, and earned tons of praise. I told Drea I would write to you and that you would be proud of her, too. She is a real treasure and is all a quality English Cocker should be. Thank you so VERY much for allowing her to be my girl!!!!  


Drea's Results for 2009
Point total: 2

Granite City Kennel Club
December 5 WB/BOS - Judge LaMar Mathis

December 6 WB/BOS - Judge Dana Ann Smith Massey

Minneapolis Kennel Club
November 22 RWB - Judge Brian Meyer

Rapid City Kennel Club
October 15 RWB (to 4-point major) - Judge Charles Trotter
October 18 RWB (to 4-point major) - Judge Pat Trotter

Marquette Kennel Club 
August 28 RWB - Judge Patricia Leakey Brenner (also Puppy Group 4 - Judge Edd Bivin)
August 29 RWB - Judge Michelle Billings
August 30 RWB - Judge Edd Bivin

Dear Grandma Lisa,
Happy St. Patrick's Day from Drea!
I'm Irish now. I even had a special shamrock doggie cookie today! Hmmm good!
I'm a very good girl...mostly.  I think I'm ALWAYS a good girl.  It's just that my ideas get ahead of the "No's" I know sometimes.  We haven't seen each other in a long time, so I'm sending you some photos of me.  I'm growing up.




  I'm a real Minnesota girl, now. I like snow. My mom says I'm a great tracking dog.  I even find balls deep in the snow but, know what?  My snow is melting and I fall through when I'm walking on it and there are wonderful new smells in the bare spots.  Sometimes I find many balls and put them in a pile.  I'm still trying to figure out how to carry them all at once!


I'm very helpful, too.  I shred paper and cardboard and have offered to do the dishes, too, but that doesn't seem a popular idea!!


I'm learning many people words like "Sit", "Down", "Kennel", "Stand", "Leave it", "Bring it", "Find it", "Watch me", and "Come", "Dinner", "Toast" (I LOVE toast), and "NO!"

I have many friends.  My English Cocker friends and I like to play outside.  I have a Tibetan Spaniel friend, too, who lives next door and likes to shred paper, just like me!!!  We wrestle and play inside.


Thank you for getting me off to a good start.  I hope you will be proud of me.

Love, Drea Rose


Click here to see Drea's puppy pics.

Drea's Info:
Sire: Ch. Blueprint Winfree Party Waggin
Dam: Ch. Winfree's Through the Looking Glass
Date of Birth: November 8, 2008
Bred by: Lisa Ross & Dr. Kim Martin
Owners: Susan Feeney & Lisa Ross

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