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Winfree's Tiny Dancer  "EMMA"
(Winfree's Boxhill Bucanner x Ch. Ashbrook Famous Footsteps)



April 2008 Update

Hey Lisa!!

As you can see, Emma has a very tough life!!  This happened to be her pre-dinner, post-afternoon nap, nap... She frequently sleeps with her head hanging off edges! She just looked so relaxed in her daddy's chair... which she rarely get on!

Later that evening, we went for a walk. As we were about to walk by the little pond near our home, 3 ducks flew by (maybe only 12 feet off the ground).  Emma stopped walking and just watched them fly over her head, then off into the sunset.  I looked at her and said "Anything, Emma, is it stirring up anything"?..... She didn't answer.  Like I've always said, she has more "Sofa-Spaniel" in her than anything else!  I love my Emma-Bean!

                                                       Take care,




Hi!!! My name is Winfree's Tiny Dancer, CGC (Canine Good Citizen), more commonly known as Emma or Emma Bean or Bean.  I live in Jacksonville, FL.  I have been living with my family for almost a year now.  My mom chose me when I was just 2 weeks old.  When I was 9 weeks old,  my mom flew all the way to Virginia just to get me.  She must have really wanted me, huh?

I started school a few weeks after I moved in with my family.  I really enjoyed puppy school.  I graduated from that and went on to basic obedience class.  I graduated top in my class!!!  I just earned my AKC Canine Good Citizenship certificate.  We are starting in competition obedience classes now.  This should be fun, if my Mommy can just stay focused;  we make a pretty good team.

I like to watch TV, especially Animal Planet.  Have you ever seen those really big dogs on TV?  I think they are called horses; they concern me a little bit.  I also like to help mom in the garden.  I love to dig, tug on roots, and help mom "water"!!!  Although sometimes I don't think Mommy really wants my help.

My daddy has taught me how to box; now that is a good time!  I also like to ride in the car (with my special seat belt on, of course) and take walks.  I especially love to snuggle with my Mommy and sometimes my Daddy.  Things I don't like:  I'm not crazy about my baths.  I don't like going outside to "potty" by myself when it's dark.  I don't like it when Mommy and Daddy leave for work.  I try to use my pouty face, but they just give me a kiss and go on to work.  Sometimes when Mommy goes to work, I get to go to daycare with a bunch of other English Cockers!!!

I've heard my Mommy tell people that I have been a big help to her and daddy, because they are empty nesters (whatever that is).  All I know is, they sure do love me and treat me like a princess.





Lisa,  Emma insisted on writing her own story!!!; you know how she can be!!  I'd just like to add she truly has been the sweetest, most wonderful dog.  She is very bright and affectionate with the most even temperament.  Whenever we go out, people are just drawn to her like a magnet.  I hope to do some "therapy dog" work with her in the future.  I'm sure she'll be a natural!!

Lorry (Emma's Mom)



Emma in her Backyard Waterpark - July 2005




Emma, the Contractor - July 2005



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