Spoutspring Gentle One
(Ch. Aberschan's Reginald x Spoutspring Versifier)


Spoutspring Gentle One, "Genie" was the second dog at Winfree.  I purchased her from Howard Mills.  Genie was a lovely black and white bitch and was shown a few times.  Then she was retired to the whelping box (see below).  This is where she truly made her mark. 

Genie was awarded a Top Producer award the year that Witch (Ch. Winfree's C-Witch) and Colby (Ch. Winfree's Caped Crusader) finished their championships.  She missed being an English Cocker of Merit by 1/3 of a point.  She will always be an Engie of Merit in our eyes.




Bred to Ch. Maidavale Firethorne, Genie produced four puppies:
1.  Am Can. Ch. Winfree's Wildfire, C. D. (Group Placer)
2.  Ch. Winfree's Firefall
3.  Winfree's Spitfire
4.  Winfree's Firefly

This was the first litter at Winfree!

Bred to Ch. Dunelm Jeremy; but, unfortunately, the breeding did not take.

Bred to our Am. Can. Ch. Winfree Little Rascal, Genie produced:
1.  Ch. Winfree's Sweet Amanda (Group Placer)
2.  Ch. Winfree's Authentic Design, C.D.
3.  Winfree's Abby (Pointed)
4.  Winfree's Arthur
5.  Winfree's Ambition
6.  Winfree's Adam

Bred to Soho Nautilus, Genie produced:
1.  Winfree's Bottom Up
2.  Winfree's Bounty Hunter (only needed majors)

Bred to Ch. Olde Spice Crusader, Genie produced:
1.  Ch. Winfree's C-Witch
2.  Ch. Winfree's Caped Crusader
3.  Ch. Winfree-N-Jaegers Cover Girl
4.  Winfree's Country Charm
5.  Winfree's Captain Crunch

Bred to Ch. Carachelle Court Jester, W.D., Genie produced:
1.  Winfree's Esquire
2.  Winfree's Espirit


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