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(Idyll Oxford Maxximum, AX, AXJ x Winfree's Tight Fitten Genes)


Lisa was calling our puppy "Cookie" before we met her.  We liked the name, but we couldn’t really call her that since my husband is in the Air Force, and his call sign is "Cookie".  It was funny how Lisa didn’t know that about him.  So, when she mentioned that was the name she had been calling our pup, we figured it was meant for her to join our family!  We wanted to keep the 'cookie' theme, and because we brought her home the day before Thanksgiving, we brainstormed about different types of holiday cookies.  We ended up thinking of gingerbread.  Because we often refer to our standard poodle, Chance, as “Cheesy Bread” (long story), we liked the idea of calling her "Gingerbread" ("Ginger" for short).  So, Cookie became Ginger, and Ginger starting ruling the house the day she arrived.

She may have only weighed about 4 pounds, but that didn’t stop her from attacking her new 75-pound poodle friend!  She has been fearless since the first day, but inside that tough girl exterior is a sweet and inquisitive little dog we grow to love more every day.

  She handled herself very well in puppy obedience classes and has always been eager to please and learn any silly tricks we try to teach her ("dead dog" is her favorite).  She still likes to swing from Chance’s ears sometimes, but he forgives her and only occasionally has to remind her who was here first.  They’ve become the best of friends.  Any time Ginger goes to the vet or groomer without Chance, he sniffs around and goes from room to room looking for her with the saddest expression in his eyes.  It’s always a butts-in-the air, tail-wagging reunion when she comes home!

Some of her favorite things to do, besides tugging at Chance's ears, are running around the backyard, playing ball, and playing tug of war with Chance.  Eating just about anything and chewing on raw beef marrow bones are probably her absolute favorite things.  But we consider playtime in the backyard with the two of them to be the best.

Paul & Elizabeth Cook
Hampton, VA
(2004-Now living in California)



Having fun can be soooo exhausting!!!!!

This is the backyard of my new home in California.  I think I'll go exploring.  Think they'll miss me for a few hours??




No; it's mine!!!  I had it first!!!!









            Let's discuss it over a glass of yummy carrot juice.....



Ginger (formerly Cookie) at 5 weeks
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