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Dorothy Rutledge and Gracie
Apex, N.C.


Pictures added October 2011



Gracie & big brother, Kuan Yin, playing



January 2010

Hi, Lisa.  Sorry I haven't written you sooner.  Gracie is doing fine; she is really an adorable dog.   I don't have Riley, my Jack Russell, anymore.  He lived to be almost seventeen years old, but had to be put down this past summer.  I miss him, but Gracie is really my companion now and has adjusted to being the only dog.  She loves riding in the car and usually rides in the passenger's seat on her dog bed ---and looks straight ahead out the front window.   Before Riley died, he rode in the front seat and Gracie was in her crate in the back and was quite happy there.

Gracie is 25 lbs. now.  She is a very sweet dog and loves to meet people.  Big dogs frighten her when she first sees them, but she loves my daughter Carol's big yellow lab and other large dogs that she knows. She used to love to dig in the yard and since I have quite a large, fenced-in back yard, she has plenty of places to dig. She has a good nose and can tell if there is a vole (or mole?----I don't know  
the difference) under ground.  She has caught several, and when she was still a puppy, she once brought into the house a live (nearly dead) vole.  I called one of the neighbors who came over and retrieved it and disposed of it.  For a long time afterward, I checked Gracie's mouth before I let her into the house.  When she was a puppy, she also liked catching frogs and playing with them.  She would carry a frog in her mouth to another section of the back yard and set it down and watch it for a while.  I think it knew not to move.  Finally she would tire of that and leave it, and the frog would hop away, apparently not harmed, but probably frightened.

I stay at home most of the time, and Gracie stays inside or goes out--whichever she prefers.  Right now, she's lying near the window in the sun--about three feet from me.

She really is adorable.

Thanks for writing me.  Take care.







Gracie was formerly Treasure. Click here to see her puppy pics.

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