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Ch. Winfree's No Work and All Play "Player"
(Ch. Faerytails First Enchantment x Winfree's Tuson's Finer Things)

Life in Canada with Noeline!!    

May 2010

Hi Lisa,

It has been a long time since I have caught you up on Player's adventures in Canada. Iím happy to report that he is a very happy 6-year old EC who is the biggest suck we have ever known. He has become a very big hockey fan and loves it when the Senators score and he gets a biscuit. Iíve included a few pictures of him. He finally got a buddy, an 11-year old female EC who was imported from England by Linda Beason and then needed to be rescued. Iíve included the story from the ECSCC newsletter last year to give you the full picture (warning, youíll probably need tissues while you are reading it). After the first day when Sally told him where he was in the pecking order, he knew what role he was to play. I think, he thinks, that she is his mother. She is half his size and stops him with a simple glare. Sally is an exceptional hunter and has taught Player to pay more attention so that he doesnít lose out on treats. Then he, in turn, taught her about hockey games. They sleep in the bed with us every night. There is a really good shot of them that Iím going to send to Hallmark (I have a friend who works for their graphics department) to see if they want it for a romance card. You will also get a laugh that we bought a smart car and were able to get the license plate ďAll PlayĒ. Iíve being trying to get a picture of him in the driverís seat or in the hatch but he wonít hold still long enough. I hope that everything is going well with you and your dogs. All the best!

Noeline Penchuk
Ottawa, Ontario


Player (L) and Sally with mom, Noeline



Link to the rescue article


Life at Winfree!!    

"Player" was a singleton, but as we have watched him grow, if you could only have one puppy in a litter, Iíd like them all to be like him.

He is really living up to his name.  Player loves to play show dog.  Although he is just a baby, he enjoys moving at the end of his lead and is a real people magnet!

Player's debut will be at the Denver Specialty just before the National in 2004.

We hope that you will watch for this supper orange roan boy.




Player has done it again!!!  At the English Cocker Spaniel Sweepstakes held at the 91st American Spaniel Club show, Player went
4th in the 12-15 Month Dog Class.  The ASC show was held in a new location in January 2005--King of Prussia, PA.  The judge for the Sweepstakes was Kerri Brangers.

Player is not yet one year old and he continues to impress and amaze us.  At the English Cocker Spaniel Club of America Supported Entry at the Salisbury Maryland Kennel Club show November 6, 2004, Player won the 9-12 Months Puppy Dogs Sweepstakes under Judge Barbara Dzbinski.  Then immediately following the Sweepstakes, out of a total of 32 entries, Player won Best of Breed under Judge Bonnie Threlfall!!!  His call name may be "Player" but he's all business in the ring.  We couldn't be happier.

Player is just over 8 months old and he's the youngest champion I have ever finished.  What an impact he has made in the ring since his debut at the National in Colorado Springs in May of 2004.  Keep your eyes on this very special orange roan boy.  We're just getting started!!!!!!!

What a weekend at the "Roanoke" shows!!!!!  On Friday, July 30, 2004, at the Roanoke Kennel Club show in Salem, VA, Player went Best of Winners to pick up a 4-point major!!!!!  Our thanks to Judge Jon Cole for this awesome win.  Then, would you believe it??!!!  On Saturday, at the next Roanoke Kennel Club show, Judge Chuck Herendeen also gave Player Best of Winners for, guess what?  Another 4-point major.  WOW!!!!  And if this wasn't enough, on Sunday at the New River Valley Kennel Club show, Judge Houston Clark gave Player still another Best of Winners for a third 4-point major. This finished his championship in 6 weeks with a total of 18 points, including three 4-point majors!!!!  I'm walking on clouds!!!

Player picked up 3 more points at the Shawnee Kennel Club shows in Berryville, VA on Saturday, July 10 and Sunday July 11, 2004.  He went Best of Opposite Sex both days getting 1 point on Saturday under Judge Judy Doniere and 2 points on Sunday under Judge Stephen Hurt.  Six points and counting!!!!

Best of Winners!!!!  After winning Winners Dog at the Catoctin Kennel Club show in West Friendship, MD on July 1, 2004, Player picked up 2 more points after Judge James Burns awarded him Best of Winners!!!  Good way to start the month of July!!

Player got his first point on a sunny Saturday, June 19, 2004, at the Virginia Kennel Club show in Richmond.  Judge Dr. Robert Berndt awarded him Winners Dog AND Best of Winners!  Not bad for a puppy that isn't 7 months old yet.

Best Puppy!!!!!  We are so proud to announce that at Player's debut on May 24, 2004 at the English Cocker Spaniel Fanciers of Greater Denver Specialty show in Colorado Springs, CO, Judge Jean Gillespie (UK) awarded him "Best Puppy in Regular Classes"!!!!!!!  We are bursting with pride!!!!



Player on the Move
Picture taken by Migel in November 2004



Best of Winners
Roanoke Kennel Club
Salem, VA
July 30, 2004

Best of Winners > New Champion
New River Valley Kennel Club
Salem, VA
August 1, 2004



Click here for a list of all of Player's wins at the
English Cocker Spaniel Fanciers of Greater Denver specialty show and
 the 2004 English Cocker Spaniel Club of America National held in Colorado Springs, CO.


Player at 8 weeks


Mother and Son

Picture taken 12/8/03


Picture taken 12/8/03

Player's Info:
Date of Birth:  November 23, 2003
Sire:  Ch. Faerytails First Enchantment
Dam:  Winfree's Tuson's Finer Things
Owner: Noeline Penchuk (Kanata, Ontario)
BAER tested Normal
Optigen: B1
OFA: Good

Litters sired by Player:

1.  Winfree's She's a Keeper: Litter whelped July 23, 2006.  Click here to see puppies at: 10 weeks

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