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Can. Ch. Winfree's Joe Cocker  "Joey"
 Ch. Sion's Autumn Colors x Ch. Faerytails Enchanted Mirror



  Our Victoria Day long weekend shows (May 16-18, 2009) turned out quite well, despite camping out in the snow!  That’s what you get for living in Northern Alberta!  We were in Taylor, B.C. for the Fort St. John and District Kennel Club shows with both Joey and our special, Harlow, being shown by Kaidyn, our 7-year old daughter.  Day 1 saw Joey take WD/BOB for his first 2 Canadian points.  Day 2 gave Joey another point for WD and BOS to Harlow.  On Day 3, there were no other entries, just Joey and Harlow, my daughter and I.  Joey took BOB for another point… first time Harlow has been beaten as a special….. And the first time I’ve beaten my daughter!  I’ve never felt so guilty about a point in all my life!!!  She didn’t care, though.  She still got a ribbon and had fun with her dog…. It was me who felt guilty!!  So it was a great weekend.
Canadian Point Total: 4


2009 ECSCA National - Huron, Ohio




Joey's First Birthday!!



Joey at Nine Months




Candid shots - January 2009


Joey loves the snow!!!!!  Can't you tell?





OK; let's get this bath over with!!  I'm ready!!



Joey at Four Months












                                         Joey and the Olsen Children
                                        September 2008



Joey's First Swim with Sister Harlow
August 2008



Olsen Family, Harlow & Joey
Calgary, AB, Canada





Joey's Journey to Canada 

When I first inquired to Lisa about a boy, I actually had Beckham (another Duckie son) pictured in my mind.  A beautiful orange boy filled with potential to have fun with in the rings here in Canada.  I own a beautiful black and white bitch and was now hoping to add a promising little orange boy to the family.  I had hoped for Puppet's litter since I knew that there should be at least one beautiful orange boy, although I kept telling myself that color didn't matter and I really wanted the best boy that Lisa would part with out of any of the litters.  So when Puppet lost her litter I was a little disappointed.  I did know that Duckie had produced Beckham and Ricky so there was a chance.

Now to something a little more personal..... My only sister passed away two years ago in a vehicle accident.  It was, and still is, devastating to our family.  My kids and my dogs are the ones that keep me going and make me look forward to each day.  My husband is also wonderfully supportive.... he'd have to be to let me bring Joey across the country!  I'm very lucky to have them all.  So when Duckie and Mia were bred, I tried to figure out the possible dates that they'd be born and sure enough, Duckie had her litter on the two-year anniversary of Jayde's passing... and Joey, my orange boy, was born.  To say I was excited was an understatement.  But I did not let Lisa know the special bond that I already had to this baby.  I tried to keep an open mind and look at all the boys but I kept going back to Joey's beautiful head, wonderful front and nice little body.  Lisa did, at one point, let me know that there was a possibility that Si [Moss] would take Joey.  Well, I knew that both Tristan and Joey were beautiful boys, both strong in different areas and that I'd be happy with either one.  I had a registered name chosen for Tristan and could already picture him running around our home with Harlow, our black and white girl.  I had completely convinced myself that Tristan was the one but there had been no final decisions made.  I figured what would be, would be.  If I was meant to have Joey, I would have him and if not, it wasn't meant to be this time.  So when I received the email from Lisa asking me how I would feel about owning an orange boy.... I was in shock!  I already had such a connection with him being born on that day and now he was coming to live with me!  I can't help but wonder who had influence in him coming into this world and if maybe there is a little piece of heaven in this special little man.  It's overwhelming but so amazing, too.

One more little thing that just tops off everything is his name.  We had a name picked out for a boy for about a year now... the kids were pretty stuck on it and so was I.  I couldn't figure out a way to change his registered name and still stay with Lisa's theme so I decided to do some research on Joe Cocker and what Lisa had been calling him--Joey.  When I searched Joe Cocker there was a video clip of him on stage.  I listened to it and it took me back to when I was a kid.  My dad had a cassette of Joe Cocker's that we listened to at the lake!  I pictured my family back there where we spent our holidays, where we were all together and a family again.  So I figured Joey was Joe Cocker for a reason... to remind me of better days when we were all together... as we will be one day again.

Well, if he was going to be a Joe Cocker I wanted to know the meaning of "Joey".  I searched a few sites and most said "God will increase."  That didn't make much sense to me so I kept searching until I found "God will increase or add to the family".  And with that, he is a "Joey" and it is, and always was, the perfect name. 
So, that is Joey's story.  Not only is he going to be a beautiful show dog one day but he's already a star with all of our family, friends, and, of course, with us.  He is my little miracle and a connection to my sister that I really needed.  It's truly amazing, but I know that he was meant to be with us and that there was a bigger plan for him right from his conception.  To be the only orange boy born, to be born on that day, and for him to be all that I was hoping for..... he's so very special.  I can't wait for Joey and me to make Lisa proud here in Canada because really, there is no other way I can thank her.  It's so far beyond words for me.  I'm just so very lucky.
                                                                                Amber Olsen



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Joey on his way to Canada.


Joey's Info:
Sire: Ch. Sion's Autumn Colors
Dam: Ch. Faerytails Enchanted Mirror
Date of Birth: May 7, 2008
Bred by: Lisa Ross
Owner: Olsens (Calgary, AB, Canada)
Pedigree (

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