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Winfree's By Name Only   "Lucy"
(BIS Ch. Ashbrook Cruise Control, WDCh. Ashbrook Famous Footsteps)


  Randy & Anna Teel and Lucy
New Haven, CT


January 2010

Hi Lisa!

I'm sorry that it's been so long since we've written!  Lucy is doing great and has been in very good health.  We've had a lot of changes in the past two years:  we had Liam, 17 months ago and that makes 3 children, including Lucy.  They all get along very well, but Lillian and Lucy, in particular, still have that special bond, where Liam takes little notice of her except in certain circumstances.  For example, he must have Lucy join us in all car rides and is very disappointed when she's not sitting in back.  Also, when either of the kids cry, Lucy howls along with them.  It's really special that they both love her so much.  
Randy and I finally graduated from grad school -- 7 years later!  Randy has been working for a consulting firm, which has him traveling a lot, while I've decided to stay home with the kids -- I'm Dr. Mom!  All of Randy's travels have allotted many hotel points, so it's afforded us free stays in fancy hotels that allow dogs.  Lucy gets goody bags and in-house dog walkers.  It's really funny what amenities some of these places have for dogs!  As a result, we've been traveling a lot with the whole family.  It's nice not to worry about dog sitters because in the past, I really couldn't enjoy vacation without Lucy. 
Last August, we bought a house and almost a 1/4 acre is fenced.  Lucy has been in heaven.  She never really liked her walks when we lived in the city and we could tell she wished we'd let her off leash.  In my mother-in-law's Christmas letter, she mentioned that Lucy most appreciated her new space.  I have to agree!  I've copied in a few pictures below...I hope you enjoy them!    
I hope you and your entire family are doing well!
Take care!


Hi Lisa!

So much has happened since we last wrote.  Lucy has officially graduated from puppy kindergarten.  She does very well with all her commands, though we quickly realized that Lucy has selective hearing with the command "Come", especially when she's surrounded by other puppies.  We'll keep working on this.  We also take Lucy to a puppy social every Tuesday, which has benefited her tremendously.  On Wednesday's Lucy goes to "Yappy Hour" at a local restaurant called CHOW.  It was at this restaurant that Lucy and I were quoted in a New York Times article.

We recently took Lucy to meet Nebby, Tucker's sister (from Tracey Deyette at Ashbrook English Cockers).  They got along very well and had identical playing styles--both lying on their sides and kicking!!

As you can see, we've been keeping Lucy quite busy.  It's so funny to see her run to the garage in hopes of going for a ride.  Oh, we booked our summer vacation at an Inn in Vermont and Lucy will be coming with us.  She's a welcome pet and can play in the lake on the grounds.  We shall see if she likes water; we hope so!

  Lucy has the cutest personality!  When she wants to play, she will take one of her toys and ram it into you.  She loves to roll over and have her belly rubbed.  She follows us around the house, though Randy and I are in competition for who she follow more!!  Lucy loves to fall asleep by leaning on us and looks forward to her morning walks with Randy.  She has a series of morning stretches before she starts her stroll.  On her walks, Randy has trained her to sit on every corner.

She likes to make a lot of noise; very few barks, just funny moans and groans.  Sometimes her best friend, Dudly, a basset hound from puppy social, will sit on her and Lucy will make the funniest groans.  I think Dudly just can't keep up with our playful girl.  She is truly a merry cocker!

She has a favorite toy that died the other day (she finally gutted him!!).  Luckily, we went to the pet store to get a replacement.  Daddy Randy gets very annoyed at the amount of toys Lucy picks up from the pet store (Mama has nothing to do with it!!).

Lucy is the most beautiful English Cocker ever!!!  Sometimes we feel bad you missed out on the opportunity to have the biggest ECS champion of all time!!! But, it's too late now; she's all ours!!!  She has literally stopped traffic.  Randy and I wonder when our baby comes (due 9/8/06 - and it's a girl! Daddy's going to be surrounded by women!!), if she'll get as much attention from other people as Lucy has.  She's a fantastic girl and we love her personality.  Thank you so much for our Lucy! 

                                 Randy, Anna, & Lucy
                                 June 2006


Hi Lisa!
We thought we would update you on Lucy's progress on her 9 week birthday.   First off, we are totally in love with our new baby!  The ride back home went very well.  Anna pretty much slept with Lucy in the back seat the whole way.  We think she is doing well, though sometimes we worry she still misses home...we can sometimes hear her making these suckling sounds when she sleeps (maybe she misses her mama?).
Isn't she the most beautiful puppy you've ever seen?!  We will certainly email you with more updates shortly!   Thank you for Lucy!
                                                                                       Anna & Randy Teel
                                                                                       New Haven, CT

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