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Maggie is the love of our lives!  She has her own unique personality.  She sits in chairs like she is a human and talks to us while we are at the dinner table.  Paul has taught her to speak (loud bark) and to speak easy (soft woof).

Her favorite toy is her Buddha Rope...she tugs and fetches as long as you will play.

She is speedy as a rabbit and loves birds...especially our cockatiel.  When he whistles, she replies with a woof or two.  Maggie also "perches" by the large window in our kitchen to watch the wild birds that Paul feeds daily.  She talks to them, too!

Maggie sleeps with us sometimes, but prefers to hide out in the closet where she has made herself a "nest" on an old pillow.  She has her own doggie pillow in the living room that we refer to as her home base...all treats and rawhide bones end up there to be consumed.

She checks her basket of toys daily and chooses which ones she will place liberally around the house.  If we collect them to vacuum, she promptly replaces them when we are finished!

Finally, Maggie is certain that, whenever we have company, the guests are there to see her!  She greets everyone the same...tail wagging 100 miles per hour.  She is beautiful and sweet natured...a combination hard to beat!

Paul & Susan Gregory


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