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Winfree Kabree Divine Ms M  "Pebbles"
Ch. Blueprint Gratitude to Brasswind x Ch. Kabree Mad About You
Whelped July 18, 2005



Rocky and Pebbles celebrating their first birthday party!!!



Rocky (left) and Pebbles



Pictures taken July 5, 2006


Pebbles (above) and Rocky taking a much-needed break from sailing this big boat!!!!!


                                                                May 2006


  Hi Lisa! 

Just wanted to let you know that Emily (aka Pebbles, per the kids) is doing great.  She calmed down a bit since I talked to you last week, and she and Rocky seem to have come to some sort of agreement and are fast becoming good buddies.  She's a total sweetheart.  The kids are enjoying her energy and enthusiasm, and David and I have determined that managing the two of them is not that much more work than managing Rocky by himself....and Rocky seems very happy to have a friend.

Rocky and Pebbles walk with our kids to and from school everyday, and are an absolute hit with the neighborhood children, who swarm around them and shower them with attention.  They, of course, eat up every second of it, their little tails going a mile a minute!!

Pebbles has learned "sit" and seems to understand that our furniture is off limits.  We have them registered for an obedience class that starts on February 1, so I'm sure the rest will come....

I've attached a few pictures to hold you over, although I don't think I've captured how absolutely adorable they are together....  If I ever manage to do so, I'll be sure to forward you a copy!

Thanks for everything!                                                           






David & Kathy Nolte and Alex (8) and Anna (6)


Severna Park, MD


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