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Winfree Split Decision  "ROCKY"
Ch. Ashbrook Aristocrat, ECM and Ch. Ashbrook Lickety-Split
Ch. Ashbrook Famous Footsteps

Whelped July 1, 2005






David and Kathy Nolte and Alex (8) and Anna (6)


Severna Park, MD



Rocky and Pebbles celebrating their first birthday party!!!


Rocky and Pebbles (right)


Pictures taken July 5, 2006



Rocky (left) and Pebbles (above) taking a much-needed break from sailing this big boat!!!!!


                                                                May 2006



  Lisa - Just wanted to let you know we're home safely.  Rocky did great - he seems happy to be here - the tail started wagging as soon as he got in our backyard and he had a fun romp with the kids.  We're off to a great start!

Thanks for everything - we'll keep you posted!  - Kathy

Click here to see Rocky's puppy pics
Click here to see Rocky's "sister", Pebbles




Lisa - FYI/Rocky is doing great!  He participated in a cub scout camping trip this weekend (he just went for a couple hours) and was an absolute hit with all the scouts and their families.  Lot's of good socialization - he was a real trouper with all the attention... :)  We also took him out on our boat for a bit this afternoon.  He basically fell asleep on the boat as soon as we got there and slept until it was time for us to go....!  He wasn't too sure about the water - went in and then ran right out - but he did enjoy the beach.  We'll keep working on him!



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