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Ch. Jarde's Illusion x Ch. Winfree's Lochness Legend


Roxie with Sara Colabella.  They live in Westport, CT.





July 2008

Hi Lisa,

This is an update of my life in Westport.  Recently, my brother and my sister taught me how to swim.  It was a bit scary at first, but I got used to it and I'm awfully good at it.

I am looking forward to my upcoming birthday.  My mom told me that we are having a party and I am getting a beautiful birthday hat.  I am very excited!  My friend Cody is coming.  We are sending some pictures with this letter to use on my Companion spot on your website.  I miss you and my brothers a lot, but I love my new home.




                              Andrew (sitting), Sara, Frank, and,
                              of course, Roxie, the birthday girl!

Andrew and Roxie.  Where's the cake!?!?!?!


Roxie's best friend, Cody


Roxie, the Easter Bunny!!!!!
March 2008




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