Maidavale Mariner
(Ch. Maidavale Rosafe' Citation x BIS Ch. Maidavale St. Margaret of Ives)


"Sailor" was my first English Cocker Spaniel.  Ann Eldredge gave him to me while I was in college.  I was not allowed to have a large dog, therefore, I could not take one of my Irish Setters.  To me, English Cockers looked like Irish only in a smaller package.  Sailor was a constant companion and true friend.  He sired one litter in his short life; he was bred to a Soho bitch, Soho Precisely. 

Soho Precisely
Soho Precisely

  I took one puppy from this litter.  He was to become the first dog to carry the Winfree prefix.  His name was Winfree Little Rascal, aka "Spanky".   

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