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(Idyll Oxford Maxximum, AX, AXJ x Winfree's Tight Fitten Genes)





Sulley (Winfree's Monster Inc.) is settling in just fine.  Like a typical Engie, he wants to be right where the people are and has gotten stepped on a couple of times.  He is a very mellow fellow and very snuggly.  Since coming home with us, he has learned about grass, steps, chasing and fetching a ball in the grass, and going to the vet (just a get-acquainted visit).  He is doing very well and we are quite smitten with him.  He has become the neighborhood charmer.

Jim, Jessica, & Charles Polley
Stafford, VA




Click here to see Sulley's puppy pictures, along with his litter mates.


Sulley Then and Now

October 2003 (2 weeks old)  

October 2006 (3 years old)



Sulley, The Saint


This is a picture of Sulley taken spring 2004.  He had been in the garden rooting in the bushes.  Sulley has never seen a mud puddle he didn't want to walk through or mulch he didn't want to chew or roll in!  He is such a delight.

Jim & Jessica



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