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GCh. Winfree Dream Boy at Rosecliffe "Beckham"
(Ch. Winfree's Drummer Boy x Ch. Faerytails Enchanted Mirror)



Group 4 under Judge Noreen Cartwright at the Lake Matthews KC show - April 26, 2009

2011:  Beckham is Winfree's First Grand Champion!!  To earn this title requires the completion of all of the following: Twenty-five Grand Championship points; Three majors won under three different judges; At least one or more points won under a fourth judge; and Must have defeated at least one other AKC Champion of Record at three shows.  Congratulations Kim and Beckham!!


  New Champion!!!  Beckham went BOW on December 6, 2008 picking up 2 points and finishing his championship title.  The show was held on December 6, 2008 and sponsored by the Shoreline Dog Fanciers.  Our thanks to Judge Hans Brunotte.





Our new champion got his first specialty win by going Best of Opposite Sex-Specialty (BOSS) at the Long Beach KC show on December 12, 2008.  A big thank you to Judge Stephen Hurt.  This show was part of the English Cocker Spaniel Club of Southern California Winter Specialty.




Best of Breed (3-point major) at the Santa Barbara Kennel Club show.
August 28, 2008.  Judge Connie Gerstner-Miller



Beckham going WD/BOW for a 3-point major at his first show under Judge Michele Billings.  Show date was January 27, 2008 and sponsored by the Orange Empire Dog Club in San Bernardino, CA.






Lisa, Beckham is absolutely lovely in temperament and conformation.  He is almost one of those old soul pups in that he is incredibly easy going, has not had one accident, picks up things quickly, and, yes, has weasled his way into our home and hearts so fast!  Joey adores his puppy!  He nurses on one of his new pig toys that is about the same size as he and just as soft and mushy.  He and Jamie went nuts running through the house today.  I can't remember ever trusting a pup so much but you would be amazed at how quickly he settled into being a house dog.  He already imitates certain things of Jamie's--like walking along the blinds at the back door to let us know he wants out - swear he did it twice today.  He enjoyed his first neighborhood walk with Jamie and Lizzie.  We had a fabulous time!  He has occupied Kelli's spot for feeding and is very patient while his food sits and waits until Jamie is done for his biscuit, although he does go to the counter often for another.

Oh, and there is no crate in the house.  He is fully running loose and sleeping with us already!  Thank you so much for sending this pup to us.  He is a wonderful addition, just what we needed to get back to our three.  Marla came and visited today and I will send pics tomorrow of him walking her around holding her leash! 
                                                                                            Kim Estlund

Pictures of Beckham taken at 10 weeks of age.
Click here to see his puppy pics.
Click here to see his page at the Rosecliffe website.


Beckham's Info:
Sire: Ch. Winfree's Drummer Boy
Dam: Ch. Faerytails Enchanted Mirror
Date of Birth: July 26, 2007
Bred by: Lisa Ross
Owned by: Kim Estlund (Los Angeles, CA)
OptiGen: Normal/Clear

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