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BIS Ch. Ashbrook Cruise Control RN, WD, JH x  Winfree's She's a Keeper
Whelped October 3, 2005
Pictured at 8 weeks

Blue Roan Boy #1:  "Dom"
Winfree's Dom Perignon
Owned by Rich Moody & Chris Hume







Picture of Dom taken January 29, 2006 at 17 weeks.


Blue Roan Boy #2  "Hank"
Winfree's Champagne Toast
Owned by the Nicholson Family (Charlottesville, VA)




Blue Roan Boy #3 - "Sailor"
Winfree's Exported Champagne
Owned by John Platts (Strathroy,Ontario





Blue Roan Girl "Darcy"
(formerly Demi)
Winfree's Champagne Wishes

Owned by Phil Barnhardt and Jess Towle (Oregon)




Black & White Girl "Gypsy"
(formerly Susie)
Winfree's Champagne Powder

Owned by David & Debby Hammit (Normangee, TX)




Orange Roan Girl:  "Asti"
Winfree's Champagne on Ice
Owned by Bruce Barrett, DVM (Chino Hills, CA)




Picture taken January 29, 2006 at 17 weeks.








Geez, Mommy Lisa; we really do need a bigger basket!!!



Bonus Girls Shot


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