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Here's Joie (pronounced 'Joy') with her new owners, Jim and Sherry Morrison from Durham, NC.  Joie (formerly Kathy)'s registered name is Winfree's Cajun Joie de Vivre.  Click here to see pictures of her and her litter mates at seven weeks




Click here to read and see Joie's travel blog of her 2008 trip to Florida.





This is Joie's travel blog of her 2007 trip to Florida and Georgia.  She hopes you enjoy reading about her exciting vacation.  She also hopes it becomes an annual event.





  I did eventually get to walk and play in the water.  I had a great time and love all the neat places Mommy and Daddy take me.  I especially love any place where there's water.  Don't know where I'm going next, but I'm sure it will be equally as much fun. 

Joie signing off......




If Joie had been at a trial, I'm sure she would have qualified.  Look at that girl go!!!!!



During the first two weeks of June 2006, Joie traveled with her Mom and Dad from North Carolina to Winter Haven, FL and back home via the North Carolina mountains.  Below are some pictures that Joie thought best depicted her journey, along with commentary of her first BIG trip!!

This is me touring Jekyll Island (GA) with my Dad - I loved it!
Don't you just love my close-up??!!!



I loved running on the nice, flat beach and chasing all the birds.
Boy, is this a great place or what???!!!

  This is Lake Howard Nature Park located in Winter Haven, FL.  It's where we exercised every morning - very early.  Florida is too hot and you can't swim in the water because they have alligators!!  They eat dogs!!!!!  Needless to say, this was my least favorite stop on our trip.

One of the highlights of my trip was making new friends!  Here are some I met in Highlands, NC...

Here I am with my Mom doing some Christmas shopping in Highlands.  She collects Santas, so I was helping her find some!!!  She always appreciates my help because I have such a good nose for sniffing out just the right one!!!!    

  This is one of several great waterfalls in the very well-known Nantahala National Forest in the western North Carolina mountains.  Nantahala means "Land of the Noonday Sun", so named as the sun only reaches the floor of the deep gorges and valleys when directly overhead at midday.  I walked underneath it; it was spectacular!!!!!.


Here we are at Mingo Falls in Cherokee, NC.  We had to walk up 167 steps to get here.  Mommy and Daddy were slow, but I ran up and down lots of times!!!!!


We saw many beautiful overlooks and flowering bushes.  I liked the Blue Ridge Parkway (in NC). 

I really enjoyed my trip and I hope Mommy and Daddy will take me again sometime.  There's so much to see and so many birds to chase!!  I also hope you enjoyed my trip journal.

Joie signing off.....




What a wonderful way to start 2006.
Joie and the Morrisons hiking along the beautiful
Eno River in Durham, NC on New Year's Day.



Christmas 2005 - Joie on her new crate mat.





These leaves are heck on a girl's hair!!!!













The pinecone never had a chance!!!!

      Seven Lakes, Easter 2005



At five months old now, Joie has finished Puppy Kindergarten and passed her final exam with flying colors. She was the only puppy to sit, down, stay, and walk correctly on the leash without treats!!!  Way to go, Joie!!!!!



Joie opening presents from Santa Claus-2004



Joie taking a break from her busy life at the Morrison's.
(Pictured here at ~6 months old.)


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