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Winfree's Summertime Blues RN, MX, AXJ, OF, NAC
(Ch. McMurphy Fieldstone Foster ECM, NA, NAJ x Winfree's Tight Fittin Genes)




  7/22/12 Tarheel Weimaraner Club - Judge Lisa Rieves   MACH Points: 89
    SCT: 63/Time: 63.32; 0 MACH Points   MX leg: 18
  6/23/12 Central Carolina Poodle Club - Judge David Nauer   MACH Points: 89
    SCT: 63/Time: 55.59; MACH Points: 7 + Fourth Place   MX leg: 17
  6/10/12 Moore County KC - Judge Blair Kelly   MACH Points: 82
    SCT: 61/Time: 54.88; MACH Points: 6   MX leg: 16
  6/9/12 Moore County KC - Judge Blair Kelly   MACH Points: 76
    SCT: 42/Time: 42.98; MACH Points: 0   MXJ leg: 6
  5/27/12 Blue Ridge Agility Club - Judge Clyde Closson   MACH Points: 76
    SCT: 60/Time: 56; MACH Points: 4   MX leg: 15
  3/31/12 Charlotte Dog Training Club - Judge Kellie Verrelli   MACH Points: 72
    SCT: 66/Time: 55.24; MACH Points: 10   MX leg: 14
  1/21/12 Blue Ridge Agility Club - Judge Donna Dombourian   MACH Points: 62
    SCT: 66/Time: 57.08; MACH Points: 8   MX leg: 13
  1/20/12 Blue Ridge Agility Club - Judge Cynthia Kean   MACH Points: 54
    SCT: 61/Time: 52.12; MACH Points: 8   MX leg: 12
  11/17/11 GMKC - Judge Scott Chamberlain   MACH Points: 46
    SCT: 43/Time: 42.89; 0 MACH points   MXJ leg: 5
  9/5/11 Carolina Piedmont Agility Club - Judge Diane Fyfe   MACH Points: 46
    SCT: 64/Time: 59.59; MACH Points: 4   MX leg: 11
  8/11/11 Greater Monroe Kennel Club - Judge Heather Dickinson   MACH Points: 42
    SCT: 65/Time: 60.71; MACH Points: 4   MX leg: 10   New Title!!!!!
  5/6/11 Winston-Salem Dog Training Club - Judge Donna Dombouriam   MACH Points: 38
    SCT: 61/Time: 58.22; MACH Points: 2   MX leg: 9
  4/3/11 Greater Monroe/Charlotte Dog Training Club - Judge Karl Blakely   MACH Points: 36
    SCT: 67/Time: 59.11; MACH Points: 7   MX leg: 8
  3/31/11 Greater Monroe/Charlotte Dog Training Club - Judge Carol Voelker   MACH Points: 29
    SCT: 64/Time: 60.70; MACH Points: 3 + Fourth Place!   MX leg: 7
  1/29/11 Border Terrier Club of America - Judge Jim Primmer   MACH Points: 26
    SCT: 61/Time: 59.36; MACH Points: 1 & Fourth Place!   MX leg: 6


  9/4/10 Carolina Piedmont Agility Club - Judge Terry Eiger   MACH Points: 25
    SCT: 67/Time: 58.74; MACH Points: 8   MX leg: 5
  8/19/10 Carolina Piedmont Agility Club - Judge Denise VanHousen   MACH Points: 17
    SCT: 64/Time: 63.56; MACH Points: 0   MX leg: 4
  5/2/10 ECSCA National - Judge Kim Reeher   MACH Points: 17
    SCT: 65/Time: 59.07; MACH Points: 5   MX leg: 3
  5/2/10 ECSCA National - Judge Kim Reeher   New Title!!!!!
    Score: 70/Time: 34.02   Open FAST w/2nd Place
  3/19/10 Danville Kennel Club - Judge Sionag Black   MACH Points: 12
    SCT: 41/Time: 39.52; MACH Points: 1   MXJ leg: 4
  3/13/10 Tidelands Poodle Club - Judge Kim Reeher   MACH Points: 11
    SCT: 63/Time: 57.91; MACH Points: 5   MX leg: 2

  Summer and Linda are becoming a great agility team.  On January 22, 2010 at the Blue Ridge Agility Club trial in Fletcher, NC, they earned their second Open FAST leg.  Running a course designed by Judge Sarah Dow, they earned a total of 69 of a possible 80 points which earned them a Second Place.  The course time for Open FAST is 35 seconds and their time was 32.4 seconds. 
  OF leg #2

  First Double Q!!!!!   Summer and Linda have their first (of 20!!!!) double Qs towards their MACH title.  I am soooo happy!!!!  This occurred on November 13, 2009 at the trial sponsored by the Greater Monroe KC.  It was held in Concord, NC at the Cabarrus County Convention Center.  Judges were Dan Butcher (Standard) and Christie Bowers (JWW).  They also earned 3 more points for a total of 6.  This is also the first MX leg and the 3rd MXJ leg.
  MACH Points: 6
  Double Qs: 1
  MX leg: 1
  MXJ leg: 3
Standard SCT: 71/Time: 70.38  
Jumpers SCT: 43/Time: 39.48  

  Our first-ever Winfree MACH points were earned by team Summer and Linda!!!!!  YEH!!!!!  At the Mattaponi KC trial on October 17, 2009, Summer and Linda qualified in Jumpers and earned 3 MACH points.  Only 747 points and 20 double Qs to go!!!!!!  But, hey; it's a start.  This was their 2nd MXJ leg.  Judge was Christie Bowers.
  MACH Points: 3
  MXJ leg: 2
Jumpers SCT: 42/Time: 38.39  

  November 8, 2009:  Earned two NADAC legs - Weavers & Standard.  Trial sponsored by the C2P2 club in Chapel Hill, NC  

Summer has earned her first Open FAST leg, placing second.  This trial was held September 19, 2009 and sponsored by the Blue Ridge Agility Club.  The trial is held outdoors, under cover, at the Haywood County Ag Center in Waynesville, NC, nestled in the Great Smokey Mountains.  The judge was Diane Fyfe.

  Something about a cold, damp equestrian building seems to be just the ticket for Summer!!  At the March 14-15, 2009 trial sponsored by the Danville KC, Summer qualified both Saturday and Sunday in her Standard runs to earn her AX title (another Winfree first!!).  While they didn't qualify in the Jumpers runs, they came very close.  The mistakes were all Linda's; i.e., handler errors!!  Thanks to Judge Christin Dewey for such fun, but challenging courses.  It rained like crazy this weekend, but it didn't seem to bother Summer; she had some of her best runs.  Linda, on the other hand, was cold, wet, and eventually got a cold!!!  This trial was held in the Averett Equestrian Center in Providence, NC. 
  Saturday Sunday
Standard SCT: 67/Time: 67  First Place SCT: 63/Time: 60.46  Second Place
Jumpers SCT: 44/Time: 44.33 SCT: 40/Time: 45.36

On January 25, 2009 at the Blue Ridge Agility Club trial in Fletcher, NC, Summer earned her first MXJ leg!!!  YIPPEE!!!!!  This is a first for Winfree, too!!!!  At this level, this awesome team can start earning MACH points, but because they just met course time, no points!!  POOH!!!  [Points are awarded for each full second under standard course time (SCT)].  But I know they'll get there.  Now, only 9 more qualifying runs to earn their MXJ title!!  What was 3 qualifying runs to earn a title at the lower jumpers levels is now 10 qualifying runs.  Judge was Helen Dorrance.
SCT: 43/Time: 42.07
  MXJ leg: 1

  WAHOO!!!!  Winfree's first AXJ title holder!!!!!  This trial was sponsored by the Danville (VA) KC and held in Providence, NC at the Averett Equestrian Center.  Summer's qualifying run, with a First Place, was on November 29, 2008.  Judge was Janet Budzynski.
SCT: 39/Time: 40.3

  Second AXJ leg and Third Place - November 15, 2008 at the Greater Monroe/Fayetteville KC trial in Concord, NC.  Judge was Peter Liu.  This trial was held at the Cabarrus Arena & Events Center in Concord, NC.  The AKC National Agility Championship will be held here in March 2009. 
SCT: 41/Time: 41.24

  Back at Bon-Clyde (home turf for Summer and Linda) on August 2, 2008, they earned their first AXJ leg (Excellent A Jumpers).  They earned a Fourth Place with their score of 100 and a time of 38.41 seconds (coarse time was 38 seconds--it's hard to beat those Shelties!!!)  The judge was Blair Kelly, who always has interesting and challenging courses, but they are fun.  This trial was sponsored by the Border Terrier Club of America.  

  Summer and Linda are on their way to their AX agility titles!!!  This team earned their first AX Standard leg on June 7, 2008 at the Moore County (NC) Kennel Club trial.  The trial was held on their home turf at Bon-Clyde Learning Center in Sanford, NC, where they train.  What made the even more special was the fact that the judge was Cathy Nelson, who owns Beeker.  At this level of competition, this team must score a perfect 100 and be at or under the calculated coarse time.  They were 7 seconds under for this run.  I'm so proud of them.  

  What a weekend for Summer and Linda.  At the Blue Ridge Agility Club trials in Fletcher, NC, Summer earned her OA (Open Agility) and OAJ (Open Agility Jumpers) titles.  On Friday, January 25, 2008, Summer's first run of the weekend was her Jumpers with Weaves.  She ripped right through that course, 3 seconds under course time, earning a perfect score of 100 and a Second Place.  Then, on Sunday, January 27, Summer blasted through her Standard run almost leaving Linda in her dust!!!!  She was 12 seconds under course time, scored a 90, and a Fourth Place.  Judges this weekend were Laura English and Chris Dewey.  Summer and Linda have now advanced to the Excellent A class (AX).  HOORAY!!!!!  

  At the Youngsville (North Carolina) Agility Club trial on November 9, 2007, Summer earned her AKC Agility Novice Fast (NF) title with a Second Place score of 37.4 seconds.  The judge was Susan Bluford.

Then, as if that weren't enough for one weekend, Linda and Summer then went Chapel Hill to compete in the NADAC agility trials on Saturday and Sunday hosted by the C2P2 Agility Club.  Summer earned her Novice Agility Certificate (NAC) plus qualified in another Regular Agility run earning 10 points towards her Outstanding-NAC title.  She also earned qualifying runs in Chances, Jumpers, Tunnelers, and Touch N Go.  She just needs one more qualifying run in Chances to earn her NCC title and one more in Touch N Go to earn her TG-N title.  Summer is the first Winfree dog to earn a NADAC title.  By the way, NADAC stands for North American Dog Agility Council.  Judging both days was Carol Bevan from Canada.

November 10
Novice Regular Agility: First Place

November 11
Regular Agility: First Place  Time:37.81  Course Time:49.2
Tunnelers: Second Place  Time:39.23  Course Time:41.6
Jumpers: First Place  Time:26.61  Course Time:29
Chances: Qualified  (In Chances, you either qualify or you don't.)
Touch N Go: Second Place  Time:34.27  Course Time:43.43



Well, I think I'm going to have to start sending some oxygen to these trials so Linda can breathe when she calls me!!!!  I got another phone call from her on January 28, 2007 from Fletcher, NC.  Summer had just finished her Standard run and Linda wasn't sure whether or not they had qualified.  While we were talking, the results were posted and I thought Linda was going to pass out!!  Summer had qualified!!!  AND earned another First Place!!!!  WAHOO!!!  The trials were hosted by the Blue Ridge Agility Club and held at the Western North Carolina Agricultural Center-McGough Arena.  Today's judge was Anne Riba.  Way to go, Summer and Linda!!!  It won't be long......  

A very excited Linda called me twice the weekend of January 20-21, 2007 to tell me that Summer had just earned her very first qualifying legs in Novice Standard and Novice Jumpers with Weaves.  Both runs were perfect with a score of 100 and they placed first!!!  On top of that, they were 7 seconds under coarse time in the Standard run and 4 seconds under in the Jumpers run.  Three qualifying legs are needed in each class to earn the Novice Agility (NA) and Novice Jumpers with Weaves (JWW) titles.  So, Linda and Summer are on their way.  The trials were sponsored by the Border Terrier Club of America and held at the Bon-Clyde Learning Center in Sanford, NC.  The judge both days was Sionag Black.  



Pictures of Summer at class.  There's nothing prettier than
English Cocker ears flying!!! - March 5, 2006


November 21, 2005:  Guess itís time for an update on Summer and Linda.  They are doing great!!!  They continue to make good progress in their classes.  Linda has been making agility equipment, with the help of Rich Moody (Robbie), and that gives her an opportunity to practice with Summer between classes.  So far, equipment includes bar jumps, weave poles, tire jump, and tunnel.  Around mid-December, she will have a chute and a teeter.  Linda says she thinks she going to have to move to get a bigger backyard!!!!!  In a recent class, the regulation-height A-frame was introduced and Summer didnít like it at all.  She would either pass it altogether or start up, turn around, and go back down or start up and jump off the side.  The only way she got up and over that day was with a big push to the top!!  Linda was very worried that this would be the make-it or break-it obstacle and this would be the end of Summerís budding agility career.  But the next week, up and over she went, without hesitation!!!  And, she hasnít missed an A-frame since.  Yesterday, after a few warm-up jumps and weave poles, the class ran an 18-obstacle and a 20-obstacle Excellent course.  Linda says that while Summer doesnít pay attention 100% of the time, she does 70-80% of the time.  She runs with Linda and does watch Linda for her next obstacle.  But because the classes are outside, thereís always something interesting to smell on the ground.  Thatís when Summer, doing what English Cockers do, starts to work and track.  Deer and rabbits abound, plus dropped treats and other dog smells.  So, lots of work is needed to get Summer to pay attention 100% and watch Linda for her next command.  Linda said that yesterday while running the two BIG courses, she could hear the instructor saying ďGood job, Summer!Ē several times.  This is so exciting.  I just canít wait until their first trial.


       Linda's DIY tire jump


October 3, 2005:  Linda and Summer are now in a full agility class, in addition to their obedience class.  Last week, the instructor told Linda that she thought it was time for the two of them to be enrolled in an agility class, and, of course, Linda didn't object!!  It's exciting how quickly the two of them have advanced. 

Linda received some encouraging words from a friend this week.  Her friend, who trains with her engie at the same facility, was talking with the instructor who said that, after their first agility class, Linda and Summer were "shining"!!!  Yes, shining!!  She said they did better than anybody else in the class.  Linda is not only excited but very encouraged.  She feels that she and Summer have found their nitch.  They are working hard on weave poles, a very challenging obstacle.  At the end of the second class, this was the course:  weave poles, tunnel, dog walk, jump-turn-jump, chute, jump, tire jump.  Summer was awesome!!!  Even the jump-turn-jump, because, you see, she had never done that combination before and never heard "Turn".  She jumped the first jump, at Linda's command "Turn-Jump", she turned and jumped the second jump and then on to the chute and the rest of the course.  Linda was following along breathless and elated!!!!!

There will be no classes for the next couple of weeks because the center is hosting UKC and AKC agility trials.  In the meantime, Linda has started constructing agility equipment for use between classes.  So far, she's made two regulation-size bar jumps.  Next, she's making a set of weave poles.  She's obtained a 55-gallon plastic soap barrel from a local carwash for her chute.  Now she just has to get the fabric for the collapsed tunnel.  Watch out for Linda and Summer!!!!!



August 27, 2005:  Summer continues to improve quickly.  This past week, she learned the "Down" command.  Big accomplishment because Linda had been saying "Down" about 50 times and all Summer would do is look at her as if she was speaking a foreign language.  Then, one evening during their between-class practice, down she went.  Linda was jumping for joy all over the driveway, so much so that a neighbor came over to see what was wrong!!!!  The next class, she did her "Down" on command to a very proud Linda.  At the end of the class, the instructor told Linda that it was time for Summer to move to a more advanced class!!!!  That's just after nine classes!!!

Linda stayed after class to work on the collapsed tunnel (aka "chute").  Summer had constantly refused to go through.  So, one on one, Linda worked with her for about 20 minutes.  For most of the 20 minutes, Summer would do what she's always done--start through the chute and then turn around, come out and follow Linda along the outside!!!  After about 15 minutes, she just plowed through!!!!  Four times in a row, she went through the chute.  Linda thinks it is a 6-ft chute.  So, pushing her luck, Linda decides to try Summer on a longer chute (12-15 ft?).  She didn't go through the first time, but the second time, she just blew right through it.  Linda decided it was time to go home!!! 

She called me before she even got out of the training center driveway just bubbling over with excitement.  I am, too.  Summer and Linda are having a blast and I'm there in spirit cheering them on.  I'm just amazed at how quickly Summer has taken to this sport.  Just goes to show the versatility of English Cockers.


August 9, 2005:  Linda called me this past weekend ecstatic!!  You see, earlier this year, Linda decided she wanted to enroll Summer in an agility class to see how she would take to it.  After looking into several training facilities, Linda finally settled on one but was told that Summer would need some obedience first.  The class they are currently enrolled in teaches the basic obedience commands--sit, heel, down, stay, come, watch--but the instructor mixes in some agility to keep it fun and interesting for the dogs; for example, A-frame, tunnel, chute, pause table, jumps.

And now the reason Linda called and was so excited.  After only six classes, Summer (and Linda!!!) are doing GREAT!!!!!  The instructor complimented them several times during class on how good they were doing and the best part is that in the Fall she wants to put Summer in a full agility class.  Linda was so excited she could hardly contain herself.  She couldn't wait until she got home to call me; she called on her cell phone!!!  Linda has worked very hard and consistently between classes with Summer to learn the obedience commands and Summer apparently is really taking to it.  Linda says that when she sits either beside her or on the pause table, she just slams her little butt right down!!!  It's all Linda can do to keep from laughing and hugging her to pieces before they finish the exercise.

We'll keep you posted on Summer's & Linda's progress as they move into agility.  This will be a lot of fun for the both of them. 


  At her first all-breed dog show in Raleigh (Fayetteville Kennel Club, March 23, 2003), Summer won Reserve Winners Bitch in the 9-12 Months Puppy Bitch class under Judge Bettie Krause.  This was a Reserve to a Major win!!


Summer's Info:
Date of Birth:  June 23, 2002
Sire: Ch. McMurphy Fieldstone Foster ECM, NA, NAJ
Dam: Winfree's Tight Fittin Genes
Bred by: Lisa Ross
Owned by: Linda Blalock and Lisa Ross
CERF #: EC-3548/2004-21: Normal; 2005-38: Normal
BAER: tested Normal
Optigen: Presumed B
OFA: Good


1. Bred to Ch. Portrait Ivywood Midnight Sun (Opie) in July 2004.  The all blue-roan litter (3 girls/1 boy) was whelped September 17, 2004.  Note: Opie became an English Cocker of Merit (ECM) in 2007.
    Ch. Winfree's Cajun Romance "Kimmie"
    Winfree's Cajun Lagniappe "Ivan"
    Winfree's Cajun Bayou Boogie "Taylor"
    Winfree's Cajun Joie de Vivre "Joie"

    Click here to see the first three puppies at 18 weeks of age.

Dogs with titles produced by Summer:
Ch. Winfree's Cajun Romance "Kimmie"

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