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 Ch. Winfree's Keep on Cruisen "Lincoln"
 BIS Ch. Ashbrook Cruise Conotrol WD, JH, RN x Winfree's She's a Keeper ECM



Lincoln lives in Canada with Karen Schwager in Lasalle, Ontario.



As of March 8, 2011, Lincoln has 12 points, including 1 major, towards his AKC Championship title.


  June 4, 2010

Hi Lisa:
I just wanted to let you know that Lincoln, along with my husband, are heroes.  Last Tuesday afternoon, my older boy, Shadow, was outside with Hemi in the backyard.  Lincoln was inside with my husband.  My husband had just got off the phone when Lincoln went berserk barking and racing back and forth between the patio door and kitchen window.  My husband got up to see why all the commotion only to find Shadow
laying on his side, head submerged in the water on the pool cover.  He had had a seizure and had backed off the sidewalk onto the pool cover.  My husband raced outside, pulled Shadow out of the water, pumped his chest to get the water out of his lungs and brought him back to life.  He was rushed to the vet where he had another seizure.  Today, although Shadow has developed pneumonia in his lungs and is in ICU on oxygen and IV, he is alive thanks to Lincoln and my husband.  There is concern as to why the seizures happened since it was uncommon for Shadow but for now, I have him for another day.  If it hadn't been for Lincoln
alerting my husband, Shadow would not be with us today.  And if my husband (who usually panics) had not acted quickly on Shadow, Lincoln's behavior would have been to no avail.  They are both heroes!

                                                                                                    Talk to you later.
                                                                                                    Karen and Hero Lincoln!




August 2009

Hi Lisa:
Things continue to go very well with Lincoln.  He is so lovable and adorable and is so much a part of our family.  Now that he has his rabies shot, I've been able to take him across the border.  We drove to Virginia Cordes for grooming this past Friday.  She does such a nice job.  I will let her do the grooming on a regular basis in preparation for him going into the breed ring.  I don't want to mess him up.  I have sent you some stacked photos, a head shot and one of him with his best "bud", Hemi.  Unfortunately, I'm not a photographer.  Today, he went to Hemi's hunt training.  I let him hear the gun shots going off at a distance and took him to see the bird crates.  He adapts so easily to any situation and there isn't much that upsets him, if anything.  Thursday he will start puppy classes and on Friday, he is coming to the agility trial where we'll meet up with John and littermate Clipper.  He loves going for walks with his big brothers, Hemi and Shadow.  As soon as I start to put my running shoes on, he's all over me knowing what is coming next.  He is enjoying being a puppy right now, as I won't do a lot of formal training until he's older.  I am doing some clicker training with him which he picks up very quickly.  He has been on one weekend camping trip with the family and we're off again the last week in August to Letchworth State Park in New York while I attend a VST tracking seminar with Shadow and Hemi.  And the end of September, we'll be at the Wine Country Shows at Finger Lakes, NY.  

Talk to you later.




Lincoln and Hemi  "Best Buds"


Lincoln and Karen's First Meeting
May 2009


Lincoln's Info:
DOB:  March 18, 2009
Sire: BIS Ch. Ashbrook Cruise Control RN, WD, JH
Dam: Winfree's She's A Keeper
SR 56157601

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