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Winfree's Tan Your Hide "Maisie"
Ch. Blueprint Winfree Party Waggin x Ch. Ashwind's La Tea Da


Maisie and her forever mom and dad, Tom and Marie Taylor, Lexington, VA.

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September 2008

Hi Lisa!!
You should see the size of Maisie.  She now weighs 16 pounds.  The vet says she is not fat, at all, just a big girl.  Our vet still thinks we should put her in commercials. :-)
Tom's nickname for Maisie is Jelly Bean.  She is so smart & a dream to train.  (If you let me, I could gone on like this forever.)  Her new favorite thing to do is chase the many grasshoppers that appear in our area this time of year.  It is interesting how much men like her.  We had a workman in the house the other day, and he was in love with her.  She just sat and looked at him and barked as if talking to him.  The two of them had quite a conversation, and finally he looked at me and said, "She certainly likes to talk, doesn't she?"  I felt like telling him that he didn't seem to have any problem conversing with her.  I think she takes after me for her skills of communication.
Tom wants to know when he can groom her.  Is it too soon, now?  She is getting to be a little furry. By the way, her feathering looks like it is going to be awesome.
Can you tell how much we love her?


July 2008

I can't believe we have had Maisie for nearly one week.  It seems like she has always been part of our family. 
She is so smart, and sometimes it is to our detriment.  She loves to find sticks & go off to chew on them.  Our first Irish Setter cut is throat on one and since then they are a no, no.  Maisie has only had a couple of accidents in the house.  I'm not to sure it is not the medicine she is taking that is causing this.
She follows me everywhere and never seems to get enough loving, which is fine with me!  She is now sleeping through the night, and spooky as it may seem, sleeps where Joy used to sleep - on the top pillow.  She eats like a champ.
Maisie wants to be friends, in the worst way, with Lucky, but his deafness keeps him distant from other dogs.  He does allow her to jump all over him, but he still doesn't respond to her.  Our cats keep away from her, but as I told you, they are that way.
She & I go for long walks at least twice a day, but her favorite thing is to help me weed.  She puts her nose down and the minute the weed comes out of the grass she is on it.  She runs off to try and chew on it until she sees me pull another.
Tom just wants to know where the quiet one went!!  Maisie is everything I wanted & then some.

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