New-born puppies
Puppies at: 2 1/2 weeks  3 1/2 weeks  4 1/2 weeks  5 1/2 weeks  6 1/2 weeks


Puppet's Puppies at 7 1/2 weeks
Whelped June 7, 2003


Sire:  Ch. Brasswinds Ego Trip "Hob"


Winfree's Pullin Strings at Ashbrook
Owned by Tracey Deyette & Lisa Ross
314 Ash Swamp Rd
New Market, NH 03857 
Ashbrook English Cockers and
Winfree English Cockers




Winfree's No Strings Attached
Owned by Nancy Praiswater
16735 Von Neuman Dr
Monument, CO  80132
Star-Vue English Cockers


Winfree's String and a Prayer
Owned by Catherine Nikiforow
Moonraker Farm
127 Pleasant View Rd
Bradford, NH 03221
 Arcata English Cockers


  WILL (formerly STREAMER)          

Winfree's Silly String
Lives in Maryland

  BAGGINS (formerly RICO')          

Winfree's Who's Pullin My Strings
Owned by Susan & Gary Behrend
Raleigh, NC





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