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Winfree's Tom Boy "Tommie"
Ch. Winfree's Drummer Boy x Ch. Faerytails Enchanted Mirror


Todd, Treena, and Tommie Nadeau who are living in Bangor, Maine.




I know Dad is so glad I've come to live with him so I can help in the winery!!!




Here's another update on Tommie.  She climbs or jumps on our backs when we are doing push-ups and is able to stay on our back the whole time, through all of the ups and downs.  She loved her snuggle puppy from the first, so I ordered her another one that is black and white.  That heartbeat thing and heater is an awesome invention.  Some people stopped us in a parking lot today to come to the truck to see her, and another car of little old ladies yelled at us from their car at a red light to compliment us on her.  She is the most popular puppy in Bangor, I think.

HAPPY????  We are thrilled!  She is such a good girl.  She has discovered that she can leap into the air and turn a 360.  It is hysterical.  She has also figured out that she can stop on a dime from a full gallop.  She likes to show off.  It’s sweet to see her gain her confidence, but I know better than to trust her inquisitive nose too much.  She has also started the collecting of babies and moving them all from one location to another.  I forgot they did that.  It’s funny that all babies are together in one room.  There are very few stragglers.  I hope to take some more pictures of her tomorrow.  I think I am going to have to give her a little trim.  She’s getting a little fuzzy.  And, her feathers are starting to show.  She is really a beauty.  Todd’s parents can’t get over how pretty she is; most people can’t.  I just say, “I know!”.  Her breeder knew what she was doing.

                                                                                                                                    Treena    10/07



October 2007update:

Tommie met her 6-month old canine cousin, Abby, last night.  Abby is Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever.  They ran like two crazy banshees in the yard.  She was completely tuckered out, but was crying when she had to come back in the house.  She also ADORES children.  She met our 2- and 4- year old niece and nephew last night.  It was so sweet to see them together.  She has gained a pound and a half since we brought her home and now weighs a whopping 8.5 pounds!  We took her for a walk on a trail in our woods tonight.  She loved it and was very good.  She does not like wearing a collar, so I am trying to break her in slowly.  Hope all is well with you and your family!








  Here are some short videos of Tommie's First Snow - December 2007.  Click on each link.  The video will open in a new window.  It may take a few seconds to download and it may not play smoothly the first time.  But when you click the "Play" arrow again, the video should run without stopping.  When your finish watching, just click on the brower's "Back" button to return to Tommie's page.  

First Snow
Digging to China
Out of the Pile
Camera Attack



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