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U-Ch., Ch. Winfree We Work for This CD, RA, NAJ, OAP, OJP, TDI, CGC, CL2, RL1  "Yankee"
(Ch. Winfree's No Work and All Play x Winfree's She's a Keeper)


    On February 12,2011, under Judge Rachael Brostrom, Yankee scored a 204 and earned a Third Place.  On February 13, under Judge Brostrom again, he scored a PERFECT 210 and earned him a Second Place.  In the afternoon on February 13, under Judge Barbara Burri, he earned a score of 203 and a First Place!  Because he scored over 195 on all qualifying legs, he earned an Award of Excellence with his RL1 (Rally Level 1)!!!  This APDT Rally trial was hosted by Gemini Dogs in Littleton, MA.  (APDT = Association of Pet Dog Trainers)  

  Jan 8, 2011 at the American Spaniel Club show in King of Prussia, PA, Yankee earned his CD title under Judge Nancy Withers.  

  Hey from MA!! We had a BEAUTIFUL spring weekend (April 3-4, 2010), with weather in the 70's! Yankee spent time inside doing agility up at American K-9 Country in Amherst NH. The American Eskimo Dog Club of America sponsored two days of trials. This was Yankee's first time in Open! This means longer courses and 12 weave poles instead of only 6! Yankee surprised me by Qualifying in all 4 runs he was entered in, making it a perfect weekend! I couldn't have asked for anything better...but he gave me better, all his Qualifying runs were First Places!!
Ch Winfree We Work For This RN NAP NJP CL-1 CL2-H CL2-F "Yankee" Perfect Weekend
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  Yankee headed up to American Bullmastiff Association Trials, held March 13 and 14, 2010 in Amherst, NH, and came home with 3 out of 4 Qs!! The judge was Debra Carlson for both days. Yankee ran fast and clean in his standard run on Saturday and took First Place in Novice B 16". On Sunday, he ran fast, but was a little goofy and had a refusal, but was still plenty under time and took home another First Place!! That gives him 2 legs towards his NA title! Late Sunday afternoon, we were both exhausted, but he ran super fast and clean and brought home his first Q and First Place in Novice B Jumpers!  This was his first time jumping 16" in a trial after his shoulder injury over two years ago, and I am proud to say he didn't knock any bars or hesitate in his jumping!  

  Yankee finished his Novice Jumpers with Weaves title (NJP) January 24, 2010 under Judge Lavonda Herring at the American Bullmastiff Associations Agility Trial held in Amherst, NH at American K-9 Country. He was 10 seconds under time, and was clean, earning him a First Place!  


On November 20, 2009, Yankee entered his first AKC Agility Trial.  The trial was held in Springfield MA, hosted by LEAP Agility Club on Friday and Saturday and TMAC on Sunday.


On Friday (Nov. 20), Yankee went 2 for 2, qualifying in both Standard Preferred  and Jumpers with Weaves Preferred. His standard course was clean and under time, earning him a First Place in his class under Judge Jean Munger.  His jumpers run was also under time and he had one refusal due to handler error.  He earned Second Place under Judge Laura English.


On Saturday (Nov. 21), Yankee qualified again in Standard Preferred with a clean run, under time, earning him a Second Place under Judge Jacqueline O’Neill.


On Sunday (Nov. 22), Yankee went 2 for 2 again, qualifying in both Standard Preferred and Jumpers with Weaves Preferred.  His Standard run was yet again, clean and under time, earning him a Second Place under Judge Carla Boudrot, and a NEW TITLE, NAP!!! His Jumpers run was also clean and under time, earning him a First Place under Judge Keith VanHousen.


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  Yankee is on his way to a new Rally Obedience title.  At the 2009 ECSCA National, showing to Judge Catherine Thompson, Yankee earned his second Rally Advanced leg and a third place.  The National was held in Huron, OH.

Fame (L) and Yankee


  On April 10, 2009, at Rhode Island Kennel Club in Lincoln, RI, Yankee took his first Rally Advanced leg! The judge was Laurey C Weiner.  

  Yankee went to a CPE agility trial in Nashua, NH at Riverside Canine Center, on Saturday, January 24, 1009.  He qualified in Wildcard with a clean run and First Place under Judge Mark Giles. On Sunday, the 25th, Yankee qualified in Jackpot with 41 points, 5 seconds under time. The judge was Mark Giles.  



  On December 28, 2008, Laura and Yankee had a CPE agility trial in Manchester, NH sponsored by All Dogs Agility.  The judge was Jean MacKenzie. Yankee had 4 runs, and came home with 4 first places and 4 clean runs, all under time!!  His first run was a Level One Jackpot, which completed his Level 1 title completely. This makes him AKC/UKC Ch Yankee RN CGC TDI CL1.  Our next run was Level 2 Wildcard, which he did awesome in, and had to take a jump set up right next to his favorite A-frame. He did it with ease and was 20 seconds under course time.  Next was Level 2 Colors, which was a breeze for him and one of his favorite classes.  He was half the course time, at a speedy 17 seconds.  Last class of the day was Level 2 Jumpers.  He did really well and got through it without any faults.

  On September 28, 2008, Yankee took Best of Breed and Group 3 at American Eskimo Club Of New England, a UKC show held at the Westfield Fairgrounds in Westfield, MA.  The judge was Theresa Werder.  Yankee was handled by Junior Handler Julie Bahan.  

  Great News from Massachusetts! Yankee had an awesome weekend in Balston Spa, NY.  On Saturday (8/9/08), at Southern Adirondack Kennel Club, he took Winners Dog and Best of Opposite Sex for a point under Judge Patricia Mowbray-Morgan. On Sunday (8/10/08), at Bennington County Kennel Club under Judge Dana Cline, Yankee took Winners Dog, Best of Winners and BEST OF BREED for his last point making him AKC/UKC Champion Winfree's We Work For This RN. Yankee has been owner-handled by Laura Davidson to all his points.  I am very proud of this team.  They have done an awesome job.  And don't think you've heard the last of Yankee and Laura.  They have a start in the performance events already with Yankee earning his Rally Novice title.  Laura plans to continue in obedience and add to that agility and field work!!!  So, expect more updates from the outstanding team.  

  On August 2, 2008, at Pioneer Valley Kennel Club, Yankee took Winners Dog, Best of Winners and Best of Breed! The judge was Ms. Eeva Resko from Finland.  This gives Yankee one more point towards his Championship. These shows were held in Greenfield, MA.  Point total: 13 points!!  

  Yankee went to the Yankee Classic Cluster and it is aptly named!  At Kenilworth Kennel Club, Yankee took Winners Dog for 1 point under Judge Madeline Fish on Friday, July 4.  On Sunday, under Judge Nancy Cowley, Yankee took Winners Dog and Best Of Winners for a 4-point MAJOR!!!  This show was sponsored by Holyoke Kennel Club.  Both shows were held in West Springfield MA. This gives Yankee 12 points with both majors!  

  Yankee is a new UKC Champion!  On April 26 and 27, 2008 at the Apple Valley Rat Terrier Club shows, Yankee completed his requirements of 100 points and 3 major wins.  This was Yankee’s first time in the UKC ring!  On Saturday, in Show 1, Yankee took 1st in Junior Male, Best Male, and then Best of Breed.  He went on to place 3rd in the Gun Dog Group!  At Show 2 on Saturday, he repeated his 1st Junior Male, Best Male, and Best of Breed and went onto a Group 4!  The next day at Show 1, he was 1st in Junior Male, Best Male and Best of Breed.  At Show 2, repeated again, 1st in Junior Male, Best Male, and Best of Breed, going on to another Group 4 to finish his Championship! These Shows were held in Westfield, MA at the Westfield Fairgrounds.

I am so proud of Laura and Yankee and excited to announce Winfree's first UKC conformation champion!!!  Keep up the good work, Laura.  Way to go, Yankee!!!!!


  Yankee completed his Rally Novice Title in style!  At the English Cocker Spaniel Club of America National Specialty, on Tuesday, April 14, 2008, Yankee took 1st in his class and earned his last qualifying leg for his title with a score of 96! The judge was Sandra Marr.  This year's specialty was held in Lancaster, PA.  

  Yankee qualified again today (April 13, 2008)! With an AWESOME run! 96 and a 2nd place out of 15 dogs! This was at the Rhode Island Kennel Club in Warwick, RI. The judge was Mrs. Lynda S. Moore and she told Laura that "[Yankee] works great for you. He's going to be a great performance dog!"  

  At Providence County Kennel Club on April 12, 2008, in Warwick, RI, Yankee qualified for his first leg to his Rally Novice title! This was Yankee's first Rally Trial and he did really good! The Judge was Ms. Celeste M. Meade.  


News from Massachusetts!!!  Laura has re-located from South Carolina to Massachusetts and Yankee has his first major!!!  Showing to Judge Mrs. Cherie Berger in the 12-18 Months Dogs class, Yankee went Winners Dog for the 3-point major.  Yankee showed his appreciation by giving Judge Berger a kiss while on the table!!  The Eastern Dog Club-sponsored show was held December 9, 2007 at the Bayside Exposition Center in Boston and was part of the 4-day Bay Colony Cluster Show, one of the country's largest AKC dog events.  Yankee's point total: 7, including 1 major.

  Update from Laura:

Yankee went to a Match today.  He was entered in Rally, Novice Obedience, and Conformation.  We started in Rally, and although we were slow, he was very steady.  He scored a 96 and a Second Place! The 4 points off were from him biting the lead.  During regular obedience, his on-lead work was awesome, but off-lead needs a bit more work.  We provided the comic relief for the day.

And on to Conformation.  He was still wired and ready to go and was very good showing.  He was the only English Cocker and won the breed.  We went into Adult groups and there were 10 sporting adults! He won!! The judge loved his head and expression.  We went into Best in Show and he showed awesome. I couldn't believe how well he did.  He nailed his freestacks, stayed really well on the table,  and his down and back were perfect.  I was proud, and he made me even prouder by going Best Adult in Match. This was a different judge and she loved his body and his topline.  She also felt he was a great size for English Cockers, as she feels they are getting too big.

He is now exhausted and laying on his back sleeping.  I love this dog!!!



Yankee took 1 point, going Winners Dog and Best of Winners from the 9-12 Puppy Class under Judge Dr. Alvin Krause. The show was held in Richmond, VA and hosted by the Virginia Kennel Club on June 30, 2007.  Current point total is 4.


  On April 29, 2007 at South County Kennel Club in Warwick, RI, Yankee took Winners Dog, Best of Breed Puppy, and a Puppy Group 2! The judge was Mrs. Bernadette C. Fox.  

  Yankee has his first points--3 of them!!!!!  He was proudly handled by his owner, Laura, at Massachusetts breed shows the first weekend in April 2007 and I'm proud to report his first wins.  He was entered in the 6-9 Months Dogs and Puppy Dogs classes, respectively.  The shows were held at the Eastern States Exposition Grounds in W. Springfield.  

Judge Patricia Laurans gave Yankee Winners Dog/Best of Winners on April 6 at the Trap Falls Kennel Club show for 2 points.


On April 8, showing to Judge Bettyann Hale at the Great Barrington Kennel Club show, he went Winners Dog/Best of Winners for 1 point.


Yankee's Info:
Sire: Ch. Winfree's No Work and All Play
Dam: Winfree's She's a Keeper
Date of Birth: July 23, 2006
Bred by: Lisa Ross
Owned by: Laura Davidson (Pepperel, MA)
BAER: tested Normal
OptiGen: Normal/Clear (A)
OFA: Good


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